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It’s the Friday before U.S. Thanksgiving, which means you’re most likely going to spend this weekend grocery shopping, planning and prepping. When we asked the Whole30 community what kind of holiday resource would be most helpful this year, they said: everything. A Melissa Hartwig pep talk. Lots of […] Continue Reading ->
I have a fond memory from early childhood. I am standing on a chair beside my Dad, who is at the stove on a Sunday morning, cooking fried eggs for me the way his mother used to cook them for him. I am maybe four or five […] Continue Reading ->
4.9 out of 5 stars5 stars90%4 stars4%3 stars4%2 stars0%1 star0%22 ratings624 views Sam Feltham is probably most known for his over-eating experiments on YouTube, but he is also devoted to the organization Public Health Collaboration. It’s an organization which strives to change the dietary recommendations, away from […] Continue Reading ->
Can a ketogenic diet serve as an Overeaters Anonymous food plan? What resources are there for healthcare professionals to help clients with food addiction? And is using stevia okay? These and other questions are answered this week by our food-addiction expert, Bitten Jonsson, RN: Can a ketogenic […] Continue Reading ->
Another one-skillet wonder to enjoy. Just three ingredients—salmon, asparagus, and butter —transformed into a tasty dinner in just 15 minutes. It’s keto, and it’s simply delicious. Full recipe → The post Keto fried salmon with asparagus appeared first on Diet Doctor. Continue Reading ->
Topics News and updates from Diane [1:42] Something new our guest is into: banded lifts [6:36] Introducing Emily Schromm [10:06] Emily’s journey with food [12:40] Accurate consideration for movement and activity [23:22] Learning to listen to your body [31:43] Recovering from an adrenal crisis [37:16] Intermittent fasting and […] Continue Reading ->
Every year, for the last few years, the autumnal time change has signaled the beginning of binge watching old seasons of Nigella Bites. We just love Nigella Lawson, and kind of wish she were our aunt sometimes. She’s so laid back, and her cooking style is completely carefree. […] Continue Reading ->
5.0 out of 5 stars5 stars100%4 stars0%3 stars0%2 stars0%1 star0%1 rating Does cholesterol really cause heart disease? And if not – what does? Dr. Malcolm Kendrick has studied and authored a book about cholesterol and heart disease. This is what he has to say on the topic. […] Continue Reading ->
The concept of evolution is very useful as it applies to cancer, because it forms a paradigm of understanding that simple genetics cannot match. Charles Darwin, studying animals in the idyllic Galapagos island formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection, which was revolutionary at the time […] Continue Reading ->

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