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4.4 out of 5 stars5 stars67%4 stars18%3 stars6%2 stars4%1 star2%43 ratings2,479 views Charlotte Summers, one of the creators of the low-carb program at, talks about the initiative, the results people get and what it’s like going against conventional advice. Watch a segment above (transcript). The full […] Continue Reading ->
The post Keto Lemon Garlic Ghee Salmon with Leek Asparagus Ginger Saute [Paleo, AIP] appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. Salmon is one of the easiest fish to find in the store and to cook at home. Plus, salmon is packed with a ton of healthy fats as […] Continue Reading ->
Ghee (similar to clarified butter) is simply butter that has been heated to remove the milk solids, sugars and water leaving a clear, yellow liquid which is pure butterfat. The smoke point of butter is 350°F, but when you remove the milk solids to make ghee, the smoke […] Continue Reading ->
Over 50% of American adults are estimated to have prediabetes or diabetes. The twin cycles (hepatic and pancreatic) are not simply rare metabolic mistakes leading to disease. These responses are almost universal because they serve as protective mechanisms. Protective? I can almost hear you gasp. Insulin resistance […] Continue Reading ->
The future is looking not-so-bright for the sugar industry, with consumers turning away from this fattening food. On top of that, sugar taxes are taking effect across the globe: After decades of stable demand growth, almost doubling per person since 1960, the world is heading for a […] Continue Reading ->
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of our guts were so healthy and perfect that we never needed to worry about what we ate? Ah, dreams. That’s not the world we live in folks, and I find that many people come to a paleo diet out of concern […] Continue Reading ->
Is a low-carb diet appropriate for someone who has had gastric-bypass surgery? Can you lose weight on low carb while taking insulin? And what to do about a lack of energy on low carb? Get the answers in this week’s Q&A with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt: Low carb […] Continue Reading ->
When Vital Proteins approached me last Spring about collaborating on a brand-new product for the Paleo community, I saw an amazing chance to answer the question “what protein powder do you recommend?” While I love and have used Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides for years, I wanted something that was […] Continue Reading ->
Are you doing a Whole30 right on through Memorial Day weekend, with all of the picnics, parties, potlucks and cook-outs on your calendar? GOTCHA COVERED. We’ll give you three delicious Whole30 dishes right here, whether you’re hosting the whole shebang or just bringing along a side. Memorial Day […] Continue Reading ->

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