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wholesome! It seems odd that I haven’t posted an Irish Stew recipe yet. When I was little it was in Mum’s weekly meal rotation and one of the few things I ate without complaining. (yes, I was that child. Sorry Ma) the best cure for homesickness I […] Continue Reading ->
This post is a re-write of a story about my first solo handstand against a wall. I’m at a new gym these days, challenging myself to keep an open heart and mind as I re-learn how to workout hard and try to shut out the nagging little […] Continue Reading ->
Guest post written by: Kate Galliet   At 21, my doc told me that the GERD I was experiencing (for which she’d Rx’d a lifetime of taking a pill for) was “just the way I am.” And then I found the paleo diet & lifestyle via Robb’s […] Continue Reading ->
One of my favorite things about chicken is that it’s like a blank canvas. Neutral in flavor, you can do almost anything to it and it will taste amazing. So when Tyson® Fresh Chicken asked me to come up with a low carb recipe for you guys […] Continue Reading ->
If you have a loved one who suffers from the debilitating mental condition of schizophrenia, the quality of life is often very low.1, 2 With a growing rate of schizophrenia worldwide, any measures that may help improve this, should be considered.3, 4 Even more sadly, sometimes improvements […] Continue Reading ->
Just because Summer is ending doesn’t mean the fun is over! We’re teaming up (again!) with Sophia’s Survival Foods to give away a variety pack of this healthy and delicious snack to two lucky winners! We are huge fans of this product (we reviewed it last year) […] Continue Reading ->
One of the most common questions I receive from blog readers and friends & family is, how do I find organic vegetables and pasture raised meats in my area? In this post, I am going to help you figure out […] The post How to Source Affordable […] Continue Reading ->
Dolma are stuffed grape leaves, originating in Turkey but expanding all over the Mediterranean, Middle East, and beyond. Their filling can be anything from tomatoes, to eggplant, to meat – really, you can’t go wrong with stuffing these little guys. This particular recipe is the Greek variation, […] Continue Reading ->
Almost every time we attend a family gathering at Bill’s aunt’s house we are served cashew ice cream for dessert. Bill’s aunt follows a Vegan diet, and she is always so considerate of all the different food allergies in the family. It doesn’t matter how you eat, […] Continue Reading ->

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