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Alcohol Consumption during the Paleolithic Era In all of my popular Paleo Diet books including The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, The Paleo Diet Cookbook and The Paleo Answer, I have always suggested that moderate alcohol consumption is consistent with the health goals of the […] Continue Reading ->
Testimonial written by: Vicki Carpenter   In 2007, I was an active tennis player with no digestive problems or other ailments and my weight was optimal. At that time I was 52. My symptoms of hip osteoarthritis had actually begun approximately a year earlier with occasional ‘collapsing’ […] Continue Reading ->
Today’s article is from Whole30 Recipes superstar and food blogger Alanna of Planks, Love, and Guacamole. (Are you following @Whole30Recipes on Instagram yet? We’ve got hundreds of complete recipes just like this from a fresh guest blogger every week!) I am all about flavor when I prepare […] Continue Reading ->
Although I come up with a lot of complete recipes, I also like coming up recipes that can be used with each other. This allows me to play with different flavors and satisfy everyone’s taste. Toppings are a great way to go about this. You can totally […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve been using essential oils to create skincare products and natural cleaning products for years. Ever since I started using the Young Living essential oil line, I have been having so much fun discovering new oils and new blends of […] The post FREE Back to School […] Continue Reading ->
Book Title: Keto ClarityClick here to purchase this book. Book Authors: Jimmy Moore with Eric C. Westman, MD Overview of Book: This book has everything you need to know about being on a Ketogenic Diet book – from what is ketosis, answering criticisms of a ketogenic diet […] Continue Reading ->
These Quest Bars were a HUGE hit, I must say! When I am reviewing a paleo gluten free product I love to get others’ opinions as I would not expect my tastes to be the only way of thinking. I may like what you may not and […] Continue Reading ->
Do you know anyone who has bought in to the fear-mongering propaganda against salt? Now yet another big study indicates that the fear of salt is highly exaggerated. When they examined the salt habits of over 100,000 people, it turned out that people who salted more than the recommended amount had the […] Continue Reading ->
The first half of August we’ve seen another round of great recipes pouring in from the community. We received our first Paleo tortilla recipe (can you say, enchiladas?), a few ice cream recipes to finish off the summer months, a potato salad recipe with a unique twist, and […] Continue Reading ->

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