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This Paleo Teriyaki Chicken is the easiest recipe ever. I almost didn’t post it because it feels funny sticking two things in a crock-pot and calling it a recipe. But, I figure most of you are super busy and could use more of these 5 minute prep […] Continue Reading ->
Instead of potato hash, give this carrot and apple hash a try – it’s even AIP-friendly! The carrot and the apple both soften and caramelize slightly when fried – it tastes almost creamy with the coconut oil.  It’s delicious! Paleo Carrot and Apple Hash with Cinnamon and Ginger […] Continue Reading ->
I could not be happier to have Nicole of My Purple Spoon guest posting for us this week. In case you don’t know Nicole, she is one of the most life-loving moms and bloggers you will ever meet. Her blog is inspired first by her family, and […] Continue Reading ->
Podcast Episode #161: Cold Brew Coffee, Alkaline Water, Cavities, and A Fertility Tip October 16, 2014 Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Topics: 1. What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [3:02]2. Shout Out: Brittany Angell [8:31]3. […] Continue Reading ->
if Ron Burgundy had a fitness website, it’d be top of this list “Yeah, you shouldn’t eat a lot of protein because it will turn to ash in your body.” “Women shouldn’t lift too heavy because our body composition is different.” You’d be surprised the amount of […] Continue Reading ->
Jadah West is the Executive Editor of Paleo Living Magazine. She’s also the founder of Salted Paleo. When not running Paleo Living Magazine, Jadah loves to spend time at the beach, at her beloved CrossFit, and working as a model. I’ve been ordering from for years. […] Continue Reading ->
Shawn has been serving as a paramedic/firefighter with a municipal fire department for the past nine years. Prior to entering the fire service, Shawn served his country as a medic in the US Army.  Alexandra has been in the emergency medical field for over 10 years and currently works […] Continue Reading ->
A Whole9 guest post by Eva T., two time Olympian in Alpine Skiing and a 12 year veteran of the U.S. Ski Team The majority of seasonal skiers I speak to do nothing to prepare for the ski season. They simply hope it won’t be their year […] Continue Reading ->
This is another paleo, gluten-free recipe I developed using some of Sweet Spreads delicious products. My latest muffins are terrific fresh out of the oven and even better the next day, like many paleo baked items are known to be. The photo alone makes my mouth salivate, […] Continue Reading ->

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