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Last month I visited my parents in the Pacific Northwest (they live in a small town in Washington called Yelm). Along the way I stopped by and toured a few health-minded food producers in the area. First on the list: Salt, Fire & Time, a traditional healing […] Continue Reading ->
We (meaning Bill, Hayley, and myself) originally knew Caroline due to her food photography. We had seen her photos on Instagram, and were thrilled when she uploaded her first recipe to Primal Palate [It was her Grain-Free Fluffy White Bread Rolls…I can remember it because I thought […] Continue Reading ->
One of my biggest weaknesses is chocolate. This probably started off during childhood… I lived a few miles away from the Cadbury’s chocolate factory (which some claim is similar to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory), and ended up eating quite a lot of Cadbury’s chocolates. (The original story […] Continue Reading ->
Podcast Episode #151: Sunglasses & sunscreen, antibiotic detox and how often to work out August 7, 2014 Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Topics: 1.  Diane’s updates [5:00] 2.  Liz’s updates [11:27] 3.  Diane’s kitchen tip for neutral-tasting […] Continue Reading ->
Dear Professor Cordain, In regards the review paper of which you were co-author: “The impact of cow’s milk-mediated mTORC1-signaling in the initiation and progression of prostate cancer,” could you please inform me whether you are aware of any country’s medical community who has responded to your conclusive […] Continue Reading ->
When The Paleo Diet was published, advocating a return to the diet of our ancestors (high protein, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables), the book received brilliant reviews from the medical and nutritional communities. Jennie Brand-Miller, coauthor of the bestselling Glucose Revolution, called it “without a doubt […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after Here’s another remarkable success story on LCHF: The Email My name is Vicente and I am a 43 year-old guy from Spain. Just before last summer my doctor told me I had to lose weight, again. At that time I weighed about 94 kg (207 […] Continue Reading ->
This is a fantastic tropical salad. It is a refreshing, light lunch for these hottest days of summer. It is easily portable, so bring it with you to the pool or the beach! It is a great use for leftovers and a perfect lunch to pack for […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve been a fan of US Wellness Meats for a while! And you can see the recipes I prepared using US Wellness Meats products here: Bison Pineapple Chili, Beef Wellington, and Beef Bacon Mash Bowl. US Wellness Meats has a ton of great products geared toward Paleo […] Continue Reading ->

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