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The post 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Gluten-Free Diet appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. It sounds so easy. Just avoid gluten, right? How could you possibly mess that up? Actually… It’s Quite Easy to Fail on a Gluten-Free Diet You may not achieve your goals, […] Continue Reading ->
While so much of the mainstream media coverage of the Whole30 is focused on the weight loss benefits of the program, stories like this are what the Whole30 is really about. Jenna has an inherited bleeding disorder which tremendously impacted her quality of life. Thanks to the Whole30, […] Continue Reading ->
Many Americans subsist primarily on a processed food diet,1 and more importantly, they do not realize what exactly they’re consuming.2 In fact, a very important and so far, criminally under looked recent study, revealed consumers drinking soda were ingesting more fructose than labels showed.3 Many sodas, and […] Continue Reading ->
So it’s day three of my egg fast and I’m down another pound this morning for a total loss of 6 pounds so far. I know it’s mostly water weight but I don’t care – it’s still nice to get excited about stepping on the scale every […] Continue Reading ->
Yesterday I posted about the Egg Fast that I’m undertaking, and a lot of you were interested in trying it out. For that reason I’ll be keeping track of what I eat, and posting the recipes here this week. When I’m done I’ll post a complete menu […] Continue Reading ->
Ever since I had to take steroids this past Spring for my allergies, my system has completely rebelled.  My hormones are out of whack, and my body has become completely resistant to losing weight.  No matter how strict I am with keto – even counting calories and […] Continue Reading ->
The post Is Wheatgrass Paleo? appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. I remember when I first started working after graduate school. I wasn’t eating very healthy at the time, and my friends and I would go downstairs to get a fruit smoothie pretty much every day.  I loved […] Continue Reading ->
Makes 2 servingsApproximate cooking and prep time: 25-45 minutes The post Salmon with Spring Pea and Citrus Salad appeared first on Paleo Plan. Continue Reading ->
Make 8 ServingsApproximate cooking and prep time: 30 minutes The post Paleo Granola / Muesli appeared first on Paleo Plan. Continue Reading ->

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