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Hey ladies! I hope all is well. I haven’t posted much in the last couple of weeks because I have been doing a lot of work on the back end of the site… setting up code and designs and photos and the like. I miss you. Yet […] Continue Reading ->
Makes 4 Servings Approximate prep time: 10 minutes Tip: Add lean protein to turn this side dish into a lunch or dinner with leftovers to spare. The post Paleo Asian Cabbage Salad appeared first on Paleo Plan. Continue Reading ->
Here’s a funny thing about the internet. Sometimes when you follow people, you get the sense that you KNOW them. There are many people whom I’ve never met, yet feel as though I know simply because we e-mail back-and-forth or follow each other on Instagram. Hopefully this isn’t […] Continue Reading ->
Holy October it’s here: Pumpkin season. They are everywhere and in everything. But how can you enjoy this sweet fall favorite with out feeling like you gained a pumpkin? Try this lovely chocolate pumpkin muffin recipe. When they came out of the oven, I swear to god […] Continue Reading ->
The link below isn’t an actual study (I couldn’t get my hands on it), but it’s a very interesting article that discusses and extrapolates on the study: Gut Bacteria May Exacerbate Depression In the study that the paper discusses, patients who were depressed were tested for leaky […] Continue Reading ->
pickles are a great source of probiotics – which are essential for a healthy gut! Lazy cooks everywhere rejoice! There’s a way to make crunchy, salty, delicious dill pickles that doesn’t involve sterilising dozens of glass jars or canning or waiting for weeks. My mother-in-law (who’s been […] Continue Reading ->
This review was written by my assistant Christina. Eileen Laird is the blogger behind Phoenix Helix, and as a rheumatoid arthritis patient, she has personally experienced the difference the autoimmune protocol can make. But like many, Eileen was eager to start reintroducing foods. Her e-book Reintroducing Foods […] Continue Reading ->
The brain is quite important and frankly, we only have one so why not have it function at its highest capability? We do so much to strengthen our glutes, arms, back and heal or boost our thyroid, etc. yet many of us forget about one of the […] Continue Reading ->
Did you miss Vegetarian and Vegan Diets: Nutritional Disasters Part 1 or Part 2?Read Part 1 HERERead Part 2 HERE Vegetarian Diets: Other Nutritional Shortcomings You don’t have to look any further than the ADA’s Position Statement28 or the USDA’s recommendations on vegetarian diets142 to discover additional […] Continue Reading ->

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