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This is Part 2 of a 3-part series on Paleo moms and babies.  Part 1 discusses the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding. In this article, I cover nutrition and how a Paleo diet can be beneficial in achieving the right nutritional balance for breastfeeding moms and babies.  […] Continue Reading ->
you can melt mozzarella on top if (like me) you can never have enough cheese There are some battles in life when it’s important to know that you’re beaten, and walk away. A few past relationships come to mind. And a few jobs. But, equally, there are […] Continue Reading ->
The Blog The Blogger Emily Bartlett L.Ac.   Emily’s Story Holistic Squid spouts a variety of great articles and recipes on the topics of nutrition, natural health and fertility. It was created as a result of Emily’s professional and personal experiences as a natural health care practitioner.   […] Continue Reading ->
Ep. 118: Tour Favorites On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah share what some of their favorite questions were from the tour, which cities they enjoyed most and why, and their feelings towards their awesome fans! Click the picture above to be taken to iTunes […] Continue Reading ->
This soup was inspired by a recipe from Alice Waters from The Art of Simple Food. Alice Waters is an icon and a hero in my heart and in the hearts of many others who love fresh, whole foods. She is known as the creator of California […] Continue Reading ->
Review of: An unsuitable and degraded diet? Part one: public health lessons from the mid-Victorian working class diet (Clayton and Rowbotham, 2014) Context: Early Victorian era was plagued with starvation; this was corrected, technically, during the late Victorian era, but at what cost? Dietary changes in the […] Continue Reading ->
Day 17 Challenge: Hydrate!! Water is your friend –  drink it up! How much is enough? Your pee should be the color of weak lemonade (not clear like water and not apple juice brown). Amy’s Two-Second Takeaway:  Food cannot fix all your problems! Yes, eating well can […] Continue Reading ->
I am so excited for you guys to get your hands on my friend Ciarra of Popular Paleo‘s brand new book, The Frugal Paleo Cookbook. We all know that enjoying a Paleo diet and cooking our food from scratch using whole, natural and organic ingredients can get […] Continue Reading ->
We heard you!!  We took in the recommendations and made some changes to launch the brand NEW and IMPROVED weekly meal plan and shopping list.  Yes, they are totally free as always.  Well, monetarily free because I do require that you cook with them just to ensure you […] Continue Reading ->

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