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Day 12 Challenge: Go out to eat – but do it Paleo style! Don’t succumb to the persuasive power of the menu or your dining partners – plan what you’re going to order before you go and stick with your decision. You can eat well even if […] Continue Reading ->
The first time I ever heard of the raw food movement was from a friend who was crazy about his high-power blender. I really didn’t know what the big deal was, but he swore by it, pulverizing seeds and topping his mixes with raw nuts and fresh […] Continue Reading ->
It’s officially the last call for my November Quarterly box! There are less than 50 boxes left and Wednesday is the deadline to subscribe. Don’t miss out on this one! The theme is “Good Morning,” and I carefully selected a mix of objects and edibles I think […] Continue Reading ->
Coleslaw is really easy to make and a great side dish! One of the main issues of enjoying Paleo coleslaw is the mayo in coleslaw (most store-bought mayo uses canola oil). Of course you can make your own Paleo mayo (recipe here), but it’s sometimes too much […] Continue Reading ->
Mikaela is a writer, sometimes runner, wife, step-mom and autoimmune paleo enthusiast. She is recovering from severe Crohn’s disease using real food, laughter and long walks on the beach. Her favorite seasonings are turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.You can find more stories and recipes on her blog, Slightly […] Continue Reading ->
Day 11 Challenge: Try a new protein or cut of meat. If you always eat beef and chicken – try something from the sea. If you’ve never had lamb, bison or halibut – give it shot. Amy’s Two-Second Takeaway: Fat isn’t bad – the devil is in […] Continue Reading ->
Swedish science journalist Dr. Ann Fernholm has been very active in the sugar debate lately: The extremely sugary products, which the industry is marketing with happy characters should be banned; foods that we’d never even let our pets eat, should not be sold as food for our […] Continue Reading ->
Breast milk is Paleo! It’s a whole food that provides perfectly balanced nutrition for your baby. Nature spent many millions of years making it this way to optimize survival rates for human newbies in the precarious time of life’s first few years. Based on the practices of […] Continue Reading ->

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