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Sick of turkey yet?  I am.  But since you’ll likely have some hanging around for awhile, I’ll be posting some low carb turkey leftover recipes in the next couple of days.  I figured I’d start with a pot pie, because I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like […] Continue Reading ->
There are many types of baby formula on the market. They’re sold as powders, concentrated liquids and ready-to-feed liquids. Standard formula is cow’s milk based and there are specialty formulas to meet special needs such as lactose-reduced and lactose free formulas for babies who have difficulty digesting […] Continue Reading ->
Podcast Episode #167: Shifting to Paleo, Dermatitis, and Omega-3s in seafood November 27, 2014 Topics: 1.   What’s new for you from Liz & Diana [7:57]2.  Shout Out: Ciarra of Popular Paleo and Robb Wolf’s podcast [25:04]3.  This week in the Paleosphere: Peganism [30:04]Listener Questions:4.  Follow-up on a […] Continue Reading ->
Before and presently Pretty impressive! Here’s an update from Sophie, who shared the beginning of her success story eating LCHF a year ago. That, it turns out, was just the beginning. Here’s her whole life-altering story: The Email Hi Andreas, I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog! I […] Continue Reading ->
ain’t that the truth The bulk of my readers are from the US, or residing in the US, judging by the handy-yet-a-bit-invasive WordPress tracking thingum. And so I’m not posting today because I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re all too busy eating turkey, wrestling […] Continue Reading ->
This delectable Paleo coconut shrimp recipe is a guest post from Lauren at Wicked Spatula. Lauren is a blogger whose big passions are food, travel and chocolate! She loves to cook with real foods and keep it organic, healthy and delicious. Her blog is intended as relaxing […] Continue Reading ->
Day 23 Challenge: Enjoy a treat today. Choose one food that you REALLY want. Make sure your portion size is reasonable (2 slices of pizza – not the whole pizza; 1 donut – not a dozen donuts, etc.) Sit down and ENJOY every single bite of it. […] Continue Reading ->
Business Podcast #1: What is marketing? November 26, 2014 In this episode:  Just hearing the word marketing sends some people for the hills. Yes, even entrepreneurs. I want you to embrace marketing by changing the way you think about it – starting with understanding what it truly […] Continue Reading ->
Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I can hardly believe it. The past couple days we have gotten a few questions about our pumpkin pie recipe. This recipe was one of our very first desserts we made when we started blogging, and is also included in our first cookbook, Make it […] Continue Reading ->

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