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NFL team loyalty is a crazy thing. Growing up in Washington state, we were diehard Seahawks fans; after all, who else can you root for all the way up in the Pacific Northwest? Moving away and living in Hawaii for seven years really messed me up, since […] Continue Reading ->
You are invited to submit your Fast and Easy Paleo Recipes to our link party between 11am EDT Tuesday 9 September until 11am EDT Friday 12 September. If you don’t know what a link party is, read about all the benefits they can offer you here. To […] Continue Reading ->
I love slow cooked pork. I make a mean BBQ pulled pork (link), but have always wanted to make a Mexican Tacos Al-Pastor. This recipe is inspired by the Tacos Al Pastor at Takoba in East Austin. The pineapple-ancho chile braised pork makes fantastic tacos. Sprinkled with a little […] Continue Reading ->
contrary to popular belief, quinoa is a seed not a grain I’ve turned to quinoa (it’s a seed, not a grain people! don’t panic!) in a desperate bid to get more protein into me. Also it’s been a long time since I had this “super food” and […] Continue Reading ->
Vivian Cheng is the founder/editor/writer/designer behind The Real Food Guide. You’ve probably seen our review of her fantastic Paleo ice cream recipe book, and you’ve probably also seen (and maybe already tried) her guest recipe – Not my Mama’s Cha Siu (Chinese BBQ Pork). So, we thought […] Continue Reading ->
by Jamie Scott, of Whole9 South Pacific Many people working to improve their health and well-being are very food-focused and like to manage much of their health through diet – and rightly so. However, good health cannot come solely through diet alone (that’s why there are 9 […] Continue Reading ->
A great, nutrient-rich category of seasonal food are citrus fruit. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes, for example, are all packed with antioxidants and health-promoting flavonoids. Citrus fruit is also a great source to stay hydrated. Our go to association for “hydration” is “8-10 glasses of water per […] Continue Reading ->
  Download Episode Here   Topics: [7:10] Crossfit Football [16:20] Flat Footed Weightlifter [25:25] Tucking During Cleans [29:20] BS Detection [36:16] Constipation In Kids   Questions:1. Crossfit Football Andy says: Hi Robb and Greg, First, Greg, American Weightlifting documentary is fantastic. Watched it no less than three […] Continue Reading ->
It’s true that social media can sometimes distract you from living the life you want. But, it can also be used to help you stay connected to others who are doing the hard work to change their lives. You can inspire one another, you can learn from […] Continue Reading ->

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