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Most people either love or hate fermented foods. You know that particular smell that yogurt, kefir, or – heaven forbid – natto have? Yeah, I can’t stand that smell, or the accompanying taste. Oddly, though I like a few fermented foods. What is Kimchi? I could eat […] Continue Reading ->
the ultimate gateway salad If you have trouble getting the guy/girl/kids in your life to eat salads, this is the salad to make them. And if they still proclaim to hate salads then remove them from your life immediately…no-one needs that kind of negativity. try to buy […] Continue Reading ->
Testimonial written by: Tim Bauer I have been morbidly obese practically my entire life. By the time I was 10 years old, I was a chubby kid, weighing in at over 100 pounds. I was in size 44 pants by the time I was in High School […] Continue Reading ->
You’ve changed your diet, giving up added sugar and foods-with-no-brakes. Now that you’ve finished our Whole30 program, your Sugar Dragon is sleeping soundly in his cave. But soon enough, despite your continued efforts to sleep well, exercise, eat healthy, your Dragon wakes up and breathes fire once again. What’s going on? Stress, that’s what. […] Continue Reading ->
I’m typing this up from a hotel room in Richmond, VA on Sunday morning.  Hope you guys are having (had?) a great weekend! We’ve been traveling a lot this month, which is why I haven’t been posting as much as usual.  I’m looking forward to getting back […] Continue Reading ->
We’d like to introduce you to Courtney Crozier.  We (and maybe you) first noticed Courtney as a contestant on a popular weight-loss based reality TV show, and we were over the moon to see (via her Instagram feed) that she was embarking on a Whole30.  Not only did she rock her […] Continue Reading ->
Wow, what an idea! Paleo and vegan melded in one book! How could this possibly be? Your guess is as good as mine was before I was approached to do a review on this book. I was very willing to do so, but I also had to […] Continue Reading ->
After the summer vacation, many people are trying to learn new healthier habits. Often, it works with enough time and motivation. With enough time and motivation we can learn almost anything. If you’re interested in this – especially if you’re a parent – I recommend the short video […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after Can severe acne be cured with a diet change? This is still controversial but there are many who have experienced this and there are studies that prove that it may work. I received an email from Micke, and here’s his story, translated from Swedish: The Email Hi Andreas! […] Continue Reading ->

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