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Chinese Beef Shin (???) is a really traditional Chinese dish where the beef shin is slow cooked, refrigerated, sliced thin, and then eaten cold as an appetizer dipped into a sauce. And I have to thank my mum for the recipe. So, what’s beef shin and why […] Continue Reading ->
In the UK, the Dr David Unwin, A general practitioner (GP) noticed that people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) reported great results on a low carbohydrate diet ( Yet this was not the standard advice: Diabetes UK recommends 5 – 14 servings of starchy food per day. […] Continue Reading ->
I consider successfully sneaking vegetables into any recipe a clear victory. After making the “Bacon and Green Onion Mac ‘n Cheese” from Real Life Paleo by Paleo Parents a couple times, I had some leftover shredded butternut squash I wanted to use up. Thankfully, I had some […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve been having a love affair with the city of Prague for decades, and I’ve visited three times since 2010. (You can read about all my Prague adventures, in reverse chronological order, right here.) It was an indescribable thrill when we were contacted by Jan Melvil Publishing […] Continue Reading ->
This recipe tastes as good if not better than it looks. Fresh ingredients and tons of flavor. The spiraled zucchini gives it that noodle feel while still keeping it paleo. As the weather gets colder and holiday season is upon us with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around […] Continue Reading ->
Day 12 Challenge: Go out to eat – but do it Paleo style! Don’t succumb to the persuasive power of the menu or your dining partners – plan what you’re going to order before you go and stick with your decision. You can eat well even if […] Continue Reading ->
The first time I ever heard of the raw food movement was from a friend who was crazy about his high-power blender. I really didn’t know what the big deal was, but he swore by it, pulverizing seeds and topping his mixes with raw nuts and fresh […] Continue Reading ->
It’s officially the last call for my November Quarterly box! There are less than 50 boxes left and Wednesday is the deadline to subscribe. Don’t miss out on this one! The theme is “Good Morning,” and I carefully selected a mix of objects and edibles I think […] Continue Reading ->
Coleslaw is really easy to make and a great side dish! One of the main issues of enjoying Paleo coleslaw is the mayo in coleslaw (most store-bought mayo uses canola oil). Of course you can make your own Paleo mayo (recipe here), but it’s sometimes too much […] Continue Reading ->

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