Science popularization of high temperature resistant magnets

Last update: 2020-07-25

The science popularization content of high temperature resistant magnet is as follows: magnetic

The contents of science popularization of high temperature resistant magnets are as follows:

Magnetic field strength: refers to the size of the magnetic field at a place in space, expressed in H, and its unit is ampere / meter (A / M).

Magnetization: refers to the sum of the magnetic moment vectors per unit volume of a material, expressed in M, in ampere per meter (A / M).

Magnetic induction: the definition of magnetic induction B is: B = μ 0 (H + m), where h and m are magnetization and magnetic field strength respectively, and μ 0 is vacuum permeability. Magnetic induction intensity is also known as magnetic flux density, that is, the magnetic flux per unit area. The unit is Tesla (T).

Orientation direction: the direction in which an anisotropic magnet can obtain the best magnetic properties is called the orientation direction of the magnet. It is also called "orientation axis" and "easy magnetization axis".