Application of powerful NdFeB magnets in various fields

Last update: 2020-07-25

For a long time, the use of NdFeB magnets is very common. With the change of time

For a long time, the use of NdFeB magnet is very common. With the change of time, the scientific and technological era is constantly advancing, and the use of NdFeB magnet is more and more obvious. Foshan NdFeB magnet is not only small in size, light in weight and strong in magnetism, but also the most reasonable and the best magnet in the society. The most important raw materials of NdFeB magnets are metal neodymium, pure iron, iron boron alloy and other additives, so NdFeB magnets have such good performance. Although magnets bring us a lot of convenience, but also have certain harm, such as keyboard, bank card and other magnetic electronic products will be magnetized by magnets.

NdFeB magnets are used in scale removal and scale prevention. After water is magnetized by NdFeB with high strength, the ignition angle and length of water molecular bond are deformed at the same time. The hydrogen bond angle is reduced from 105 ° to 103 ° C. The physical and chemical properties of water are changed. The activity and melting degree of water are greatly improved. The calcium carbonate in water is evenly divided into low and solid hydrogen carbonate during the cooking process Calcium, not easy to overstock on the wall, very easy to be taken away by water. With the increase of polymerization degree of other water, the melted solid material becomes finer particles. After the particles are refined, the space between the two ions is small, which is not easy to agglomerate on the wall, and then reach the effect of descaling.

In the rare earth functional data industry, high-function NdFeB permanent magnetic data are mainly used, and high-function NdFeB permanent magnetic data products are mainly used in high-end market such as new power, energy-saving and environmental protection, such as EPS, new power vehicles, etc.

With the innovation of automobile industry and the demand of energy conservation and environmental protection, low energy consumption, low music and low exhaust gas electric or hybrid electric vehicles have become the goal of everyone. Bonded NdFeB magnets have the advantages of high magnetic function, small size and high efficiency. Compared with ordinary motors, the motor efficiency of bonded NdFeB magnets is 8-50% higher, the power consumption is reduced by more than 10%, and the volume and component can be increased by more than 30%. To complete the car to miniaturization, lightweight, high functionality and energy conservation and environmental protection bias.

As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnetic materials, NdFeB magnets have high functions and are widely used. However, it should be noted that in order to prevent the damage of corruption, protection measures should be taken on the surface of NdFeB magnets, such as stopping electroplating with gold and zinc, and spraying epoxy resin on the surface.

What is the key to success of NdFeB magnets? We should know that in today's society, after thousands of years of development, today's magnets have become indispensable functional information in our days. Through the advanced P / M process, the alloy with different data can achieve and exceed the effect of magnet, and can also maximize the improvement of magnetic force.

Artificial magnets appeared in the 18th century, but the process of making higher magnetic data was very slow, until the production of alnico (?) in the 1920s. Subsequently, ferrite was produced in 1948, and rare earth magnet SmCo was produced in 1970s. NdFeB was born in 1986, which is the strongest magnet in the world.

At this point, physical magnetism technology has been further developed. Strong magnetic data also make components become more compact. In 1999, Zibo Sheng Jin magnet broke through the precedent of its occupation with 13000GS rare earth strong magnet made by itself, and soon launched it in the occupation.

The temperature resistance of the strong magnet is below 80 degrees. We only need to bake the strong magnet on the fire for a few minutes. After cooling, you put it around the iron block and found that it has lost its magnetism and can't be sucked up any more.

The reason is that the strong magnet is magnetic because the iron atoms in the strong magnet are regularly placed. When it is heated, the iron atoms are placed disorderly, thus losing their original magnetism. In the same way, we can demagnetize the strong magnet in other ways.