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When you think of a super-tasty, super quick and super healthy dinner, I’m sure chicken salad isn’t the first thing that pops into your head. A standard chicken salad, made with questionable chicken and laden with industrial seed oil heavy mayo isn’t what I’d consider healthy either, […] Continue Reading ->
A few weeks ago I got my hands on some Paleo Powder, a gluten free, msg-free and certified Paleo Friendly product. I particularly liked the “Paleo Powder Pink” version, which included both black and white pepper as well as Himalayan pink sea salt along with cayenne, garlic, […] Continue Reading ->
Back in my “fitness” days, I used to buy low-fat Caesar dressing because I thought “low fat” was healthy. All that cholesterol from eggs and oil surely couldn’t be good for me. After going Paleo however, and getting over my fat-phobia, I’m more concerned about maximizing my […] Continue Reading ->
Recently I went on First Coast Living to talk about the Paleo diet and to give some Paleo-friendly options for non-paleo foods like pasta, soda, and chips. I had a great time and both of the hosts were gracious, funny, and genuinely interested in Paleo. One moment […] Continue Reading ->
If you happened to watch Jeopardy the night of 12/19/14, you might have guessed the answer to the $800 question in the cookbooks category. I on the other hand would never have guessed that my, book, wouldget a nod on one of TV’s all time greatest […] Continue Reading ->
Do you have any BBQ sauce in your pantry? If you do, please humor me and go take a gander at the label. Dissapointed? Flabbergasted? Disgusted? Yeah, I thought so. The first ingredient in most commercially available BBQ sauces is sugar, and not just any sugar, but […] Continue Reading ->
How would you describe your perfect bite of Thanksgiving foods? Would it be a piece of turkey breast dipped in gravy with just a hint of mashed potato riding shotgun? Would it be some dark meat with some cranberry sauce? Or, do you live by the motto […] Continue Reading ->
The words “succulent” and “turkey” rarely find company in the same sentence, but I’m making it my mission to change all that. So, if you’re willing to join me on a delicious turkey journey, read on. Roasting a turkey is an innately tricky proposition. Being that it […] Continue Reading ->

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