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“My mission is and always will be to provide people with unique and delicious seasonings that help them create amazing meals everyday in kitchens all around the world.” -Flavor God spice blend creator Chris Wallace Chris Wallace began making freshly ground spice blends back in 2012. Through […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve been blogging about evolution, health, and the Paleo diet for several years now and, in many ways, it’s a paradoxical experience. On one hand it’s very personal and private, I’m sitting here on my computer, im my “office” (aka the far corner of our living room), […] Continue Reading ->
At one time, great herds of bison stretched across the American West, from Mexico to Alaska, in numbers that exceeded tens of millions. Native Americans hunted bison (also known as American Buffalo) sustainably for hundreds, if not thousands of years, but it only took a few decades […] Continue Reading ->
“For us hunting wasn’t a sport. It was a way to be intimate with nature, that intimacy providing us with wild unprocessed food free from pesticides and hormones and with the bonus of having been produced without the addition of great quantities of fossil fuel. In addition, […] Continue Reading ->
If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll notice that 99% of the content is recipes, product reviews, fitness tips, or interviews. Every once in a blue moon however, something comes along that I just have to share. Case in point: When I heard that on […] Continue Reading ->
I love being Paleo. I love eating a big ass salad for dinner every night. I love tucking into a lettuce wrapped grass-fed burger. I love having energy and feeling great after every meal. 99% of the time. The other 1% of the time… I love bread. […] Continue Reading ->
This interview was originally published in WODTalk Magazine (2012 CrossFit Games Cover Story) but with the 2015 CrossFit Games about to start, and with the Paleo more popular than ever, I felt like the content was still super relevant. In preparing this interview for re-release, I also found […] Continue Reading ->
Have you ever had Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise? If you haven’t, you need to, it’s a game changer. Traditional mayonnaise, and by that I mean the Kraft or Hellmann’s variety, is a pretty boring condiment laden with questionable ingredients. Sir Kensington’s, on the other hand, is made the […] Continue Reading ->
Photo by: Unlisted Sightings Today’s blog is a guest post by Megan White, Author of The Ten Running Commandments. In addition to being a runner, Megan is a Paleo diet food fanatic, literally running around the world, searching for the most nutritional tasty treats in every country […] Continue Reading ->

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