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Me (left) with Justin Quinn (center) and Joe Rakosi (right). Hey all, Tony Fed here! As you may have noticed, there’s not a lot of action on this site lately, but it’s for a good reason. This past January I started working full-time with Natural Force as […] Continue Reading ->
I first came across Jamie Brazie on Instagram. At the time, I was editing Paleo Fitness Magazine (all 6 issues are now available as an ebook btw) and we were promoting the #paleofitnessarmy hashtag. I was checking the hashtag for people to feature in our social media […] Continue Reading ->
Like pastured eggs, liver, and meat, bone broth, especially when made from grass-fed bones, is a nutritional powerhouse that also doubles as an essential kitchen ingredient. Whether you use it as a base for soups and stews or just drink it by the cupful, you are benefitting […] Continue Reading ->
Hey Friends! Sometimes I forget that not everyone follows the Paleo diet. I assume that the reasons for going Paleo are obvious and would be embraced by anyone who hears about them. Then I go to the store, see what people have in their shopping carts, and […] Continue Reading ->
As a friend, travel partner, and regular guest on Paleo Magazine Radio podcast, Russ Crandall of The Domestic Man and I often geek out about food, cooking, and the history of food and cooking. After one of these conversations, we decided to combine our collective interests — […] Continue Reading ->
Image via Even if you drink water from a BPA free bottle, eat whole, unprocessed, organic food, and regularly exercise, meditate like a monk, and sleep like a baby your efforts could still be undone by a “sick” home or workplace. With that being said, I’m […] Continue Reading ->
One of the more challenging things about going Paleo is giving up foods that are often used to hold other foods (think bread, tortillas, wraps, etc.) Thankfully, alternatives, and easy ones to make, do exist! These Paleo friendly tortillas are made just like a crepe or pancake, […] Continue Reading ->
Have you ever stayed up all night? If you have, you know the terrible feeling that follows. That feeling is a reflection of the damage done to your body; insulin resistance, inflammation, and even death can occur with enough sleep deprivation. While extreme cases of insomnia are […] Continue Reading ->
You know you need a wide variety of essential nutrients in order to be heathy, but did you know you needed essential movements as well? Hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have shaped our bodies to expect basic, functional movements just like they expect vitamin c […] Continue Reading ->

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