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Cooking is only my second favorite thing to do on earth. Cooking with people I love is the first. That said, I have to give my husband some of the credit for this recipe. Sunday dinner is a very special time for us, especially when we plan […] Continue Reading ->
Boyfriends, husbands, mothers, best friends and everyone else: I have found the best gift you could ever give a girl. I mean ever. They are the custom textile leather Guate Boots from Teysha. Right now, they are literally my favorite tangible possession. The boots are beautiful, the […] Continue Reading ->
As promised, a birthday cake. Last week, I turned 27 and my blog turned 2. To celebrate, I baked a cake, of course! My favorite way to bake paleo cakes is with cashew butter. The creaminess of it creates the fluffiest texture for any cake recipe.  There […] Continue Reading ->
Hey! It’s my birthday, in more ways than one. I am 27, and my blog is 2! So I made you a spray-paint cupcake: So, it’s not exactly paleo because its made of toxic paint and fumes, but not-eating a cupcake makes it paleo. So bam.  My […] Continue Reading ->

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