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… at the Texas Monthly Barbeque Festival. And there is TONS of it. If you missed it this year, you really screwed yourself. This was the best yet. I never realized I could take eating so seriously until I saw these two pictures of myself from yesterday:  […] Continue Reading ->
Y’all. Today, Sunday September 14, 2014, is the best day of the year. Today is Texas Monthly’s Annual BBQ Festival in Austin. But to me, it feels more like Christmas morning. Two workouts, some tummy stretches and meditation are on the agenda for this morning before we […] Continue Reading ->
I love slow cooked pork. I make a mean BBQ pulled pork (link), but have always wanted to make a Mexican Tacos Al-Pastor. This recipe is inspired by the Tacos Al Pastor at Takoba in East Austin. The pineapple-ancho chile braised pork makes fantastic tacos. Sprinkled with a little […] Continue Reading ->
The weekend is officially over. Your head is pounding, you don’t where you are. Your clothes are either still on or no where to be found. We’ve all been there. And if you say you haven’t, you are either a liar or need to live a little.  […] Continue Reading ->
Freedmen’s Bar 2402 San Gabriel St. Austin, TX 78705 512-220-0953 Hours: Tues & Weds: 11am-10pm Thurs – Sat: 11am-12am Sun: Brunch 11am-4pm; 4pm-10pm Sometimes eating Paleo at a restaurant isn’t about the menu. It’s about the chef, or in this case, the pit master. Barbecue is always […] Continue Reading ->
Warm curries may be totally unseasonal in this hellish heat, but this recipe has been hanging in the queue for a while now. I just forgot to publish it a while back. Speaking of things I forgot about, I totally forgot about a submission I sent to […] Continue Reading ->
Let’s just dispel the negativity. You say: Wine isn’t paleo. I say, its made from grapes. So yeah, it’s paleo. Bam.  This post is long and full of pictures, so bear with me. Its all about living the life right in front of you, treating each precious […] Continue Reading ->
This is a fantastic tropical salad. It is a refreshing, light lunch for these hottest days of summer. It is easily portable, so bring it with you to the pool or the beach! It is a great use for leftovers and a perfect lunch to pack for […] Continue Reading ->
Here is a little secret for eating a paleo lunch: sandwiches. What? Sandwiches are so easy– just order one without bread. Usually, restaurants will increase the amount of filling if you order without the bun. I’m not sure if that’s a policy or just a subconscious inclination […] Continue Reading ->

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