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On this episode, Sarah and Stacy discuss net-zero carbon emissions and the steps that we can each personally take to reduce our carbon footprint. From the little habit changes to the products we purchase and the environmental protectionism missions we support; tune in to this week’s episode to […] Continue Reading ->
I know first-hand how expensive and time-consuming it can be to transition to the Autoimmune Protocol. Once you’re done buying high-quality meats and vegetables and stocking your kitchen with gadgets to make cooking easier, purchasing the cookbooks that keep you inspired can be pretty far down your list. […] Continue Reading ->
My definitive guidebook on the Autoimmune Protocol, called The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body, was published way back in January of 2014.  This epic tome was based on insights gleaned from over 1200 scientific studies that each illuminated a facet of the protocol. The […] Continue Reading ->
On this episode, Sarah and Stacy talk all things stress. What happens in the body when we are dealing with the various forms of stress, what are the sources of stress and how do we build awareness around our own personal stressors, and lastly (and perhaps most importantly) […] Continue Reading ->
Mushrooms are an incredibly valuable nutrient-dense food that offers our gut bacteria unique fiber types that we can’t get from any other food (see Elevating Mushrooms to Food Group Status and What Is the Gut Microbiome? And Why Should We Care About It?). But recent trends have also […] Continue Reading ->
On this episode, Sarah and Stacy share their travel tales from their latest adventures on the road. Stacy gives a look into her Europe journey and shares her key travel tips when traveling abroad. Sarah shares a look into the 2019 PaleoFx experience and the main pieces she […] Continue Reading ->
In this episode, Sarah and Stacy breakdown Botox – what is it, what are the side effects, what are the adverse reactions, and what does the science tell us about the impact of this procedure. Our hosts bring this thorough scientific discussion full circle and share their personal […] Continue Reading ->
No matter your health goals, the Paleo template is the best place to start. With its focus on nutrient density, hormone regulation, and lifestyle modification, there’s no question that standard, out-of-the-box Paleo is powerful. However, if you have specific goals (like weight loss or athletic performance) or are […] Continue Reading ->
In this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah revisit the many questions they received in response to Episode 328: The Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Tea. Learn more about the science behind tea as a health-promoting tool, why Stacy and Sarah are such huge fans of Pique Tea, and […] Continue Reading ->

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