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My annual Holiday Giveaway is perennially one of my favorite calendar items. Not only do I get to highlight some of my favorite companies and say thank you to my amazing fans, but I get to help one very lucky winner kick off 2019 in style! It was an […] Continue Reading ->
  In this week’s episode, Sarah and Stacy are addressing a reader question by diving into the connection between carb intolerance and gut health. What exactly is gut dysbiosis? What are most important foods for your gut microbiome health? Why are some bacteria species necessary for carb digestion? […] Continue Reading ->
This might seem blasphemous on a Paleo-focused website, but (gasp) not everyone needs to be strictly gluten-free for their entire lives.  Indeed, as discussed in Genetic Adaptations to Neolithic Foods – Understanding Bioindividuality, there is conclusive evidence that humans have adapted genetically, at least somewhat, to the change […] Continue Reading ->
In this week’s episode, Stacy and Sarah dive deep into the health benefits of tea! What makes tea so darn good for you? What types of tea are best for your microbiome? Which teas should you avoid at all costs? And is caffeine bad for you? Click here […] Continue Reading ->
Joanna Frankham helps you to make diet and lifestyle choices that serve you. She is an AIP Mentor and Certified Health Coach who uses rituals and tools (like her signature ‘Create Your Personal Morning Ritual’ eCourse) to help you break down the AIP framework into manageable pieces so […] Continue Reading ->
Looking for an amazing gift to nurture and support a loved one this holiday season?  Then check out this round-up of gift ideas featuring all my favorites for everything from stocking stuffers to the uber luxurious!  These are companies that I endorse, products I personally use and love, […] Continue Reading ->
In this check-in episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss their Thanksgiving plans (they’re celebrating Thanksgiving together!) and some of their favorite holiday traditions from gifting experiences over things and why you should save your turkey carcass for a delicious bone broth! Click here to listen in iTunes or download […] Continue Reading ->
‘Tis the season for turkey dinners, frigid mornings, and the best prices of the year.  Yes, today marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season and it isn’t just huge corporations celebrating with awesome deals!  Scroll down to read the entire list of amazing companies that cater to […] Continue Reading ->
Mother’s milk is the perfect food for infants, meeting a growing baby’s nutritional needs with its protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and mineral content. The macronutrient ratio of human milk is quite variable, depending on the diet and health of the mother, the frequency with which the baby nurses, […] Continue Reading ->

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