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Those fortunate to live near an ocean, will most likely be able to buy fresh oysters at local seafood markets.   With a little shopping around, most people living inland are able to purchase these delicacies pretty easily as well.  Even if the oysters you source are frozen, this […] Continue Reading ->
Russian researcher claims 122-year-old Jeanne Calment was actually a 99-year-old imposter. Jeanne Louise Calment was a woman from Arles, France who has long been documented as the oldest human being.  Her longevity has not surprisingly attracted much interest in her lifestyle and eating habits, including those of us […] Continue Reading ->
Diabetes researchers still recommend pills and surgery instead of a healthy diet Paleo devotees are still waiting for mainstream nutritional science to recognize the demonstrated, profound anti-diabetic effects of their nutrient-dense, naturally low-carbohydrate diet. Unfortunately, based on a recent meta-analysis by Professor Nita Forouhi et al [1] that […] Continue Reading ->
After a day spent enjoying your active Paleo lifestyle, this soup has everything you need to relax and recharge.  Protein, veggies, and spices in perfect harmony, make this a favorite in our kitchen.   Ingredients: 12 ounces ground pork 1 tablespoon each freshly ground pepper, dried sage, and […] Continue Reading ->
Dear Paleo Diet Readers The Paleo Diet, LLC would like to announce a change in company ownership. This summer Loren Cordain, Ph.D., one of the originators of the Paleo Diet concept and Lorrie Cordain, owners of the Paleo Diet, LLC, decided to take a step back from the […] Continue Reading ->
Ketogenic diets are one of the hottest trends in wellness right now. This past year, I even wrote a keto cookbook. In fact, they have become so popular, that many variations of low carb diets are currently spearheading their way into the mainstream. While any focus on a […] Continue Reading ->
Ringing in 2019 has never tasted better, with these Paleo-friendly appetizers and drinks! Amazing Apps Blazing Buffalo Turkey Meatballs These mini meatballs are sure to please! Paleo and gluten free, try pairing with a simple, low carb sriracha sauce. Beware store bought sriracha though — many brands include […] Continue Reading ->
This spring, Dr Cordain did an interview answering ten questions about the basics of the Paleo Diet. To start your New Years out right, we wanted to share his answers with you. We hope you enjoy! – The Paleo Diet Team 1. The Paleo diet can be traced […] Continue Reading ->
By living a Paleo lifestyle, you have taken control of your mind, your body, and your health. The next component of a healthy lifestyle, and one that goes hand-in-hand with The Paleo Diet@, is physical activity. And while many of us have concrete exercise regimens that we adhere […] Continue Reading ->

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