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I’m going to be upfront with you – if you don’t like bitter foods, you probably won’t like this week’s recipe. Much as I’d like to tout that I’ve developed a way to eliminate the bitter momordicin compounds which make this vegetable one of the most astringent […] Continue Reading ->
My wife and I are still reeling from the sheer amount of recipe testers who volunteered to tackle a recipe (or three) during this last stage of recipe tweaks for my next cookbook. We ended up sending out nearly 2,000 recipes, and we’re still parsing through all […] Continue Reading ->
The most visited recipe on this blog, by a long shot, is my old Perfect Eye of Round Roast recipe. It’s been read over 1.7 million times, which is pretty crazy. The recipe is unique because you basically blast the roast with a high heat for a […] Continue Reading ->
Folks, just a quick note to let you know that my friends at ButcherBox are offering a special deal for the rest of the month: every new customer who signs up for their curated meat service will receive a package of their bacon in every monthly box […] Continue Reading ->
Pork shoulder is great: often one of the most affordable cuts of meat, and it can be used in a variety of dishes, from Kalua Pig, to Pork Adobo, to hearty stews. But most preparations call for extended cooking times, to break down all of that connective […] Continue Reading ->
Big news, everyone! I’m officially opening up public recipe testing for my next book, which will be called The Heritage Cookbook. I expect the cookbook to be released in 2018. This book will focus on recipes developed to align best with your individual heritage and DNA ancestry […] Continue Reading ->
Hi everyone, and welcome to 2018! It’s downright chilly across the US today, so let’s enjoy some stew. Bigos is a Hunter’s Stew most associated with Poland, but likely of German origin. This dish, in one form or another, has been a part of Eastern European cuisine […] Continue Reading ->
2017 has been quite a year, eh? We saw everything from a solar eclipse (estimated to have caused nearly $700 million in lost productivity), to the reveal of Chipotle queso (too grainy for my tastes) and the popularization of “unicorn” food items (yikes). On a personal note, […] Continue Reading ->
Hi everyone, being that it’s a holiday week, I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my favorite holiday-friendly roasts and vegetable accompaniments. Honey and Citrus Glazed HamMaple and Bourbon Glazed Pork LoinRoasted Leg of LambRoast Duck with Winter VegetablesRoast NY Strip LoinSimple […] Continue Reading ->

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