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Pre-order now! Hello dear readers! I’ve been a busy little bee this year working on an incredible project that is going to revolutionize your health and wellness. It’s a collaboration with my doctor Akemi and my fitness coach Mandi called Women On Paleo, which is a comprehensive wellness solution for […] Continue Reading ->
It is no secret that I love tropical starches like plantains, yuca, taro, and malanga. These traditional staple foods are perfect to enjoy on a paleo or AIP diet in place of grains or potatoes (if you’re nightshade-sensitive).  I love finding new and creative ways to enjoy these […] Continue Reading ->
I have been so crazy busy since getting home from a whirlwind trip to Austin, TX for Paleo f(x).  I haven’t mentioned much about this yet (just dropping a few tidbits in a post here and there), but I have been working on an epic project with my doctor […] Continue Reading ->
Like any good Southerner, fried green tomatoes have always been one of my favorite foods. Even as an extremely picky child, I would always eat them when my mom or grandma made them.   It feels like full summer already here in Florida, and the tomatoes are coming […] Continue Reading ->
Lechon Asado is a Cuban dish traditionally made from a whole roasted young (suckling) pig.  I was lucky enough to get to experience the real deal at a Cuban restaurant in Miami where they had the whole pig perfectly roasted and on display in the center of […] Continue Reading ->
Who doesn’t love dying Easter eggs? I know I used to always love to buy those kits from the store each year. Heck, I even did it in college, too! Well, now I know that the dyes in those kits aren’t healthy, so what’s the better option?  […] Continue Reading ->
I received a review copy of the beautiful new cookbook Make it Paleo II, by Bill & Hayley of Primal Palate and Hayley’s sister Caitlin (who is trained as a sushi chef). While this cookbook does have some AIP-friendly recipes or dishes that are easily adapted, I haven’t […] Continue Reading ->
Today marks the halfway point in our Lenten AIP challenge + leaky gut protocol. My husband and two roommates all wanted to do it together to make it easier, and of course I had to do it with them since I’ve already been through this (I healed my […] Continue Reading ->
My husband and roommates (from Venezuela) are all following the same leaky gut protocol that I did last year – Repairvite Diet/AIP. I’m doing it with them for moral support and as a personal challenge (more info here and our AIP FB support group is here). It’s […] Continue Reading ->

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