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This salad is as pleasing as a major chord, with its slinky dressing—studded with figs and pistachios—and the harmony of orange, cilantro, and red bell pepper. The spice blend on the steak is based on one of the most popular spice blends from my previous cookbooks. Called ras […] Continue Reading ->
I made this dish the first time by accident: I was annoyingly hungry and all I could find in the fridge were some leftover roasted chicken thighs and two pieces of fennel, just sitting there, looking impenetrable. But, as I said, my hunger had reached an annoying level, […] Continue Reading ->
The phrase “meat and potatoes” stands for everything that’s good. Who doesn’t want to be besties with at least one meat-and-potatoes kinda guy? For centuries, a nutritious meal was defined by roasted meat for strength and tubers for energy. As cooking evolved, so did this basic meal. Meat […] Continue Reading ->
It’s deep in the season known officially a “Gray” here in Prague, so I think something sunny to eat is in order. This recipe is an homage to the pasta recipes that show up on food magazine covers in the spring. You know the ones: They feature a […] Continue Reading ->
The post below was originally published in 2011, and it’s been updated each year to reflect where I am in my life and the new things I’ve learned in the previous 12 months. Looking ahead to 2019, I’m as committed as ever to the philosophy it outlines. The […] Continue Reading ->
The Shortest Day by Susan Cooper And so the Shortest Day came and the year died And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world Came people singing, dancing, To drive the dark away. They lighted candles in the winter trees; They hung their homes with evergreen; […] Continue Reading ->
I love Thai food—the flavors are complex and satisfying, the dishes are bright colors, and there are often delicious, noodle-y things that can be slurped with abandon. Plus, you can say things like: All you need is larb! Traditional Thai cuisine tastes so awesome because most recipes encompass […] Continue Reading ->
Casseroles are the comfie blanket of food, but between us friends, the idea of preparing one on a weeknight makes me feel a little overwhelmed: Cook the components, layer them in a dish, bake them in the oven—it seems like so much work! This recipe is an inversion […] Continue Reading ->
I graduated from Syracuse University and during my four years there, I ate a LOT of frettas at The All Night Eggplant diner—usually with a toasted everything bagel on the side. I don’t usually like omelets, but this fried-up mess of meats, veggies, and eggs is an awesome […] Continue Reading ->

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