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Despite my deep affection for spices and my willingness to eat just about anything—except capers (hate ’em!) and mushy peas—I am a very boring eater most of the time. I could eat the same things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days, as long as the menus included […] Continue Reading ->
When people ask, “What kind of books do you like?” I feel like they expect me to answer with a genre. But it’s not as easy as that. My reading list is all over the place: classic literature, science fiction, cozy mysteries, contemporary thrillers, historical fiction, the rom-coms […] Continue Reading ->
I’m bad at transitions. When I did triathlons back in the late 90s, there was so much attention paid to the bike-to-run transition, because it always sucked. (There’s a reason the practice drills of biking+running were called “bricks.”) But it’s not just physical transitions that are challenging. I’m […] Continue Reading ->
Rants & Raves is where I share links to stuff that caught my attention online during the previous week. Today’s collection is all Raves because the bad news these days is never fun-bad news, it’s only ever bad-bad news—and I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you can […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve been doing more reading than TV watching lately—because I’ve had a really good string of books—but the last few days, I’ve been totally sucked into the show Trapped on Netflix. Do you know this one? It’s a noir mystery set in Iceland: A murder victim is discovered […] Continue Reading ->
I believe with my whole heart that you absolutely do not ever need an excuse to escape from the real world via the pages of a book, but… Yesterday was World Book Day! And I thought I would celebrate by telling you about the books I read in […] Continue Reading ->
David and I both have work projects that are keeping us very busy lately, and my Monday-morning Cookups are the only thing preventing us from ordering take-away Vietnamese and picking up döner kebabs from the kiosk down the street. My mantra: Don’t give in to takeout! Don’t give […] Continue Reading ->
I have a confession to make… I’m not super organized with my recipes. When I come across an online recipe I want to try, I usually paste it into Evernote and one of two things happens: It goes into my “I’ll make it some day” mental category, or […] Continue Reading ->
I think it’s pretty clear that I’m a woman who loves a theme, but the through-line of this week’s recipes is not much of a theme at all. It’s basically, “things that just taste really good.” There’s no shame in being delicious. In addition to being very satisfying […] Continue Reading ->

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