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I’ve been mentally writing a blog post about how I’m doing meal planning and Weekly Cookup, now that my refrigerator capacity is about one-third what it used to be. Our fridge is so tiny! That blog post is still a work-in-progress, but I can tell you that I […] Continue Reading ->
In my post Five Easy Ways to Eat More Vegetables, I recommended that you add veggie soup to your meals. It’s a ridiculously simple and satisfying way to get more produce down your throat. You can sip it from a mug or be all fancy-pants and enjoy a […] Continue Reading ->
I don’t really consider myself a ‘poetry person’—although I’m not quite sure what I think a poetry person is, so what do I know? From time to time, a poem kind of smacks me in the face and grabs me by the feels. This is one of those […] Continue Reading ->
We visited Warsaw in May (to get our visas; story here), and as I said on Instagram at the time, “Had a life-changing bowl of carrot soup with caraway oil in Warsaw today. I’m going to try to recreate it at home and share the recipe.” The restaurant […] Continue Reading ->
Words I never would have imagined myself saying before this year: I’m on my way to Warsaw to apply for my visa. To apply for our first 1-year visa, we needed to be outside the Czech Republic—even though we also had to prove we have a Czech address […] Continue Reading ->
I usually try to find some kind of theme for the recipes I collect each week, but this week, I’ve simply chosen meals that are a) very delicious and b) things I feel like eating right now. We had the Banh Mi Bowl two days in a row […] Continue Reading ->
Yesterday was the official launch day of a project we’ve been working on since last spring: It’s another special edition of Well Fed in magazine form! It’s a “greatest hits” compilation of 30-minute meals from all three Well Fed cookbooks, including easy, crazy-good recipes like Ginger-Lime Shrimp, Velvet […] Continue Reading ->
We have a fantastic butcher shop here in Prague called The Real Meat Society. It was co-founded by British chef Paul Day—who is also responsible for the dreamy restaurant Sansho—and it sells only pastured meat that is antibiotic and hormone free, well-slaughtered, and well-butchered. Which is a long way to […] Continue Reading ->
Do you know Irena Macri? She’s pretty fabulous! She’s the brains (and beauty) behind the web site Eat Drink Paleo, and she’s the author of the Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook, Happy Go Paleo, and the ebook Salad A Day—which is included in The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle I […] Continue Reading ->

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