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I’ve never eaten an authentic Sabich (sounds like SAH-beesh) from a street vendor in Israel. But I like to travel with my taste buds, so I dug into research to learn more about this popular sandwich. I read many magazine articles (like this and this), and all of […] Continue Reading ->
Traditional amba is a sort of pickle condiment made from mango and spices. It originated in Iraq, but is also found in Israel and India, where it shows up in street food like falafel, shawarma, and sabich (a sandwich made of hard boiled eggs, eggplant, pickles, and tahini […] Continue Reading ->
Once upon a time… Dave and I moved to Prague and yesterday, our word nerd dreams came true: We completed our applications, handed over 60 koruna (a whopping $2.70), and had our transit cards specially magnetized to double as our library cards. We’re official card-carrying Czech library members. […] Continue Reading ->
The temperatures have cooled off here in Prague, and now I want to eat all the things. It’s such a relief to have my appetite back. That was scary! I mean, who ever heard of a cookbook author that doesn’t want to eat?! Now that I feel like […] Continue Reading ->
Before I made the switch to paleo, a bowl of seasoned rice was my go-to comfort food. Something about white food that can be eaten with a spoon makes it practically irresistible. White rice is so humble and unassuming, eating it was like finally exhaling after a tough […] Continue Reading ->
We’re melting in Prague this week! It hit the low 90s (34C!) and now it’s hovering in the high-and-humid 80s. This makes me wilty and grumpy. Even a walk along the river couldn’t turn my day around yesterday because every step was a burning inferno. I’ve been spending […] Continue Reading ->
The internet is a weird and wonderful place. You know how sometimes the tidal wave of the internet washes someone into your personal splash zone, and you think, “That’s a good person!” That’s how I felt when I met Windy. We online-met about five years ago, and were […] Continue Reading ->
It’s so easy for coleslaw to go so wrong. Limp vegetables. Too-sweet, watery dressing. A disproportionate ratio of mayo to salad. The trick is to keep it simple. This recipe from Well Fed 2 allows the contrasting flavors and textures to find their way to a peaceful détente […] Continue Reading ->
I finally found the right gym for me here in Prague, and last week, I lifted heavy things for the first time in—I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been, but since I’m among friends—eight months. It felt great to get under the barbell and play with the […] Continue Reading ->

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