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How does the word “routine” make you feel? What do you envision?  It’s a word that can bring up a lot of mixed emotions. For some, it provides comfort and solace, and for others, it can feel completely constraining. I’ll be honest, I spent most of my […] Continue Reading ->
With spring finally here and warmer weather coming it’s no wonder everyone feels a bit happier and more positive! And what better way to get ready for the warm weather than with a DIY citrus salt scrub recipe that not only leaves your skin silky but also gives […] Continue Reading ->
This Instant Pot Beef Soup tastes like you spent all day slaving over the stove but only takes about an hour to make. The broth is delicious and the beef just falls apart. This is a very easy meal that the whole family will enjoy. This recipe […] Continue Reading ->
This Air Fryer Orange Chicken Wings recipe makes perfectly crisp skins with without a deep-frying mess. These baked chicken wings are the perfect vehicle for a delicious orange juice and honey glaze. It’s super yummy and only has 6 ingredients! How to air fry chicken wings Unlike […] Continue Reading ->
I think these lemon poppy seed cookies may be the perfect springtime cookies. The flavor is fresh, bright and zesty, and feels so right as a spring treat. Better yet, the cookies are made without refined sugar and contain no gluten, grains or nuts, and can easily […] Continue Reading ->
Keeping your skin nourished, silky and smooth means that you focus both on what you put in your body as well as what you put on your body (which is why I pretty much LIVE in this homemade lip chap!). This DIY oatmeal bath will help cleanse your skin as well as […] Continue Reading ->
This healthy chicken salad is one of my favorite things to eat during the spring. It’s fresh, flavorful, easy and can be eaten a variety of ways. This basil coconut chicken salad is my newest rendition and one worthy of staying in the rotation! The base for […] Continue Reading ->
Our beliefs control our behavior and perspective. If you are struggling to make a change in your habits, I challenge you to dig deep and understand your beliefs about yourself first. I am thrilled to share some insight from our personal development contributor, Emilia Sitton on how […] Continue Reading ->
If you only have 15 minutes to get dinner on the table then this Lemon Cauliflower Rice Pilaf is the dish for you. It takes a short cut by using frozen cauliflower rice and amps up the flavor with fresh lemon, dill, and parsley. It’s perfect for […] Continue Reading ->

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