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On Episode 411 of The Paleo Solution Podcast we have guest Tim Grahl. Tim is the author of Running Down a Dream and Your First 1000 Copies, and works with authors and creatives to help launch books (including my own, which he was a huge help with). Listen in as […] Continue Reading ->
If you poke around online for information on the Keto diet you will find a LOT of differing opinions. One particular area of controversy is how to initially set things up. Some recommend a 4:1 fat to protein/carb ratio. Others insist that one must hit specific percentages like […] Continue Reading ->
    And we’re back with Q&A #10 with Robb and Nicki for Episode 410 of The Paleo Solution Podcast. Don’t forget to send in your own podcast question to use here: Show Notes: 1. [2:14] Calcium Holly says: Hi Robb – love your work. I’m […] Continue Reading ->
You might’ve had a huge change in health and life for the better from eating an ancestral diet. Or maybe you just have a passion for health and wellness. Either way, you want to share the wealth of health and help other people… So what do you do? […] Continue Reading ->
Exogenous ketones are a hot button topic in the keto world. Some are putting them up on a pedestal like the holy grail of ketosis and weight loss… But, as I’ve said before, there is no magic pill (or oil) you can take for instant health or weight […] Continue Reading ->
When Can Babies Eat Meat? By Serenity Carr of Serenity Kids Baby Food As co-owner of a Paleo, meat-based baby food company, people ask me all the time when they can start feeding their baby meat. The question makes sense. It would take days to eat a steak […] Continue Reading ->
On Episode 409 of the Paleo Solution Podcast we have guest Amber O’Hearn. Amber is a data scientist by profession with a background in math, computer science, linguistics, and psychology. She has been studying and experimenting with ketogenic diets since 1997, and more recently writing and speaking […] Continue Reading ->
Hey folks! You have likely seen a news piece to the effect a low carb diet will shorten your life. This is video looks at that topic…I apologize for the length, but this is kind of an asymmetric warfare story. The media says something like this, it’s quick […] Continue Reading ->
  For Episode 408 of The Paleo Solution Podcast we have guest Dr. Emory Liscord. Dr. Liscord is an Emergency Medical Physician and Assistant Medical Director at the Deptartment of Emergency Medicine Maine General Medical Center. Show Notes 00:46 – Summary/Pre-Intro1:57 – Intro and Dr. Liscord’s background4:26 […] Continue Reading ->

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