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This week we have guest Craig Emmerich on the podcast. Craig is the co-founder of Keto Adapted, and co-author of Keto, The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet. Show Notes 1:50 – Summary/Pre-Intro 3:54 – Intro, Craig’s background 7:07 – Noticeable improvements from food 10:30 […] Continue Reading ->
Hey folks!! The interwebz. Source of nearly infinite information and incubator for folks who have difficulty with logic/reason/math and a host of other skills, to exist, sometimes even thrive. Bad information…stuff that let’s folks continue to make mistakes which negatively impact not only their lives but the lives […] Continue Reading ->
We’re back with Q&A #4 with Robb and Nicki for Episode 395 of the podcast. Enjoy! And don’t forget to submit your own questions for the podcast here: Show Notes 1. (4:07) What do you eat? Mads says: Hey Robb (and Nicki) You have written comprehensively about […] Continue Reading ->
Hey Folks! Below you will find a video where I look at the topic of how protein affects the state of ketosis. I lean heavily on this paper: TL;DR 1-If you are eating a low protein ketogenic diet and getting the results you WANT (cognitive enhancement, improved neurological […] Continue Reading ->
Disclaimer: This post is without doubt self-serving as I am deconstructing some common arguments about buying material that can, arguably, be found for “free.” I’m going to make a case that many folks are not thinking this process through…and then I’ll hit you at the end with a […] Continue Reading ->
Guest post by: Dr. Lauryn Lax Keto constipation is a common phenomenon experienced by people who transition to a low carb, high fat diet. Keto diets are often low in fiber, the essential ingredient for helping us “do the doo,” found in carbohydrates, especially green things and other […] Continue Reading ->
This week on Episode 394 of The Paleo Solution Podcast we have our friend Chris Masterjohn PhD. Chris is a researcher with a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, and a brilliant guy in the nutrition and health field. Show Notes: 00:00 – Pre-intro/Summary03:21 – Intro5:19 – Being a problem […] Continue Reading ->
Do you want to live longer? I know… silly question, right? The obvious answer, of course, is yes! However, if you think about it, what’s the point of living longer if those last several years are filled with illness, disease, pain, or things like dementia. Not only is […] Continue Reading ->
Guest post by: Dr. Lauryn Lax   Keto constipation is real. Despite the hype about low carb ketogenic diets being good for everything from brain health  to metabolic boost, there is a dark side no one is really talking about: Constipation. Constipation is defined as “difficulty relieving the […] Continue Reading ->

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