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Hey folks! I cannot BELIEVE another year has blazed by. I’m working on my yearly training update, which should be out late January, but we have the rest of the holiday season to navigate before getting there. To that end, I’ve compiled a few options you (or someone […] Continue Reading ->
Ah…the beginning of an article. How to make it click-baity enough to get some eyeballs, yet actually offer value to the reader? Due to old-age or just lack of inspiration I’ve got nothing in this regard, so I’ll get to the story at hand: A few weeks ago […] Continue Reading ->
Our modern information age is at once awesome and terrible: Awesome: Science and academia are no longer just for Ivory Tower elites. Anyone, just about anywhere, can read, interpret, and provide constructive criticism of research, nearly as it is being published. Terrible: The human tendency to form tribes […] Continue Reading ->
Editors Note: This is a guest post by Diana Rodgers talking about her new film project, Kale Vs. Cow. Abs are sexy, but our food system is where it all starts. Please check this out and support the film.-Robb KALE vs. COW: THE CASE FOR BETTER MEAT Why […] Continue Reading ->
  On this episode of the podcast we have our good friend Diana Rodgers, RD, NTP. Diana is a Registered Dietitian, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and lives on a sustainable, working organic farm. Listen in to this important episode as we talk about the sustainability of eating meat, […] Continue Reading ->
There’s an old saying (something to the effect) that if you want to ruin a social gathering, just bring up politics or religion. Truer words have likely never been spoken. But I’d add one more controversial topic that can quickly turn an amicable feast into a SWAT call-out, […] Continue Reading ->
  On this episode of the podcast we have guests Angela Alt and Dr. Gauree Konijeti. Dr. Konijeti is a gastroenterologist, head of inflammatory bowel disease at the Scripps clinic, and currently researching inflammatory bowel disease with an NIH grant. Angela Alt is a certified health coach […] Continue Reading ->
  On this episode of the podcast we have guest Dr. Jeff Stanley MD. He is a physician with Virta Health, and utilizes continuous remote care and the ketogenic diet to reverse type 2 diabetes. In this episode we talk about online healthcare, treating diabetes, monitoring and […] Continue Reading ->
Hey folks! I’ve had a lot of people ask ask for a concise breakdown on what the similarities and differences might be between the Paleo and Keto eating approaches. Not sure if this fits the bill of “concise” but here is a video Nicki and I shot to […] Continue Reading ->

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