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I love when people have a sense of humor in their writing. Or people who love to rant. I really love reading a good rant. Monica Stevens of The Movement Menu is pretty great at both. When she e-mailed me her draft for this post, I literally laughed out […] Continue Reading ->
To an egg-loving, almond-butter-demolishing Paleo follower, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) might seem daunting. Or impossible. Comments such as, “But how can I live without eggs?!” or, “But what am I going to EAT!?” are the first things that come to mind. But as Megan of Health Geek […] Continue Reading ->
The first half of August we’ve seen another round of great recipes pouring in from the community. We received our first Paleo tortilla recipe (can you say, enchiladas?), a few ice cream recipes to finish off the summer months, a potato salad recipe with a unique twist, and […] Continue Reading ->
When someone asks me why I believe Paleo is a healthy way to live, I have a really hard time coming up with a solid answer. I can talk about insulin, carbs, and fat until I’m blue in the face, but that’s not what “sold,” me on […] Continue Reading ->
In my personal opinion, pork is [by far] the most underrated meat. [I also think boneless, skinless chicken breasts are the most overrated cut of meat, but that’s completely irrelevant to this post.] Yes, I’m a die-hard carnivore and I appreciate a nice, perfectly-seared steak as much as the next […] Continue Reading ->
Hi Friends, We’re excited to bring you a fun interview and giveaway today. A few months back while we were at Paleo Fx in Austin, we had the opportunity to chat with some of our favorite people. Pete (from Pete’s Paleo) definitely falls into rank as one […] Continue Reading ->
Let’s face it: cooking takes time. And the more components there are for one particular meal, the longer it will take to prepare. That’s why I love one-skillet meals. You throw everything in ONE pot (or skillet, dutch oven, etc.) and forget about preparing side dishes or appetizers. One-skillet meals […] Continue Reading ->
We (meaning Bill, Hayley, and myself) originally knew Caroline due to her food photography. We had seen her photos on Instagram, and were thrilled when she uploaded her first recipe to Primal Palate [It was her Grain-Free Fluffy White Bread Rolls…I can remember it because I thought […] Continue Reading ->
I have a new-found respect for every baker, pastry chef, and patisserie-owner in existance after re-creating this recipe. Don’t panic: I’m not saying the recipe was difficult. Actually, it was relatively easy to make!  Nope, my new-found respect has to do with the fact that I literally gave myself a […] Continue Reading ->

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