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Today, we’re thrilled to feature a few recipes from the ever-talented Josh Weissman. We’ve been fans of his work ever since he hit the Paleo scene like a ton of bricks in late 2012. Josh quickly became a notable figure in the Paleo world not only for […] Continue Reading ->
I love curry. Lately, it’s all I want to eat. Having grown up in rural Iowa, you can probably guess there weren’t too many local Thai restaurants in the area. That tally came to zero, actually. I had my first curry experience while living in Washington D.C., […] Continue Reading ->
Hi friends! With all the newly uploaded recipes by our users and featured contributors, we thought it would be a good idea to start a weekly roundup of the newest recipes so that you can easily browse what’s new on the site! Hayley and I are really […] Continue Reading ->
Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and since it falls on a Friday this year, that means a three-day weekend for many of you. Which means even more time to grill out, sit by the fire pit, and enjoy time in the sun. So whether you’re looking […] Continue Reading ->
This time four years ago, the two of us were laboring over our very first blog post (for scrambled eggs with veggies.) You could say we played it safe with those first few posts (followed by grilled chicken, and grilled broccoli.) It’s funny to think how far […] Continue Reading ->
Those of you who know me (okay maybe just Bill and our friends Stacy and Matt), know that I love marshmallows. Our friends Stacy and Matt are the ones who really started my obsession, but even before I found homemade marshmallows, I liked the junky ones. S’mores […] Continue Reading ->
The first time I tried to “Paleo bake,” it wasn’t edible.  As many of you have probably realized, Paleo baking is hard. It takes practice; and as my boss Hayley says, “Baking, whether Paleo or not, all comes down to chemistry.” So if you’re still learning your way around […] Continue Reading ->
When summer comes around, all I want to do is be outside. Yoga in the park? Definitely. Drinks on the porch? I’m in. But the thing I look forward to most is grilling out with family and friends. So whether you’re taking your family for a day […] Continue Reading ->
We are working on a 4th cookbook, and if you follow us on Instagram, you can see lots of fun “teasers” as we work on the book! We haven’t really officially announced the book, and what it’s about, but don’t worry… the announcement is coming, and I’ll […] Continue Reading ->

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