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Back in early November, I got an email from our friends at Applegate about a pop-up Whole30 restaurant they were planning to do in NYC in late January. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, thinking back on how Whole30 and Paleo products were hard to come by […] Continue Reading ->
McCormick & Company, creator of Old Bay® seasoning, files a trademark infringement lawsuit against Primal Palate for their “New Bae” blend From protein bars to salad dressings and everything edible in between, companies are seeking to provide healthier, Paleo-friendly options for consumers. One such company is Pittsburgh-based […] Continue Reading ->
Even though it’s been over a decade since I lived in Rome, I can still vividly picture the walk from my charming little apartment in Trastevere, across the Ponte Sisto, to the nearby Pantheon. The piazza around the Pantheon had some of the best street food vendors in […] Continue Reading ->
Hello Friends, and welcome to the last few days of 2018. We made it!   We’re still in that bizarre space between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where no one knows what day it is, but many of us already feel like crap from over indulging. This might […] Continue Reading ->
  It was around this time last year we started looking around our cramped and crowded office, wondering where in the world we were going to put our desks, let alone the couch and “hang out” area we once had. Our little office was overflowing with cases […] Continue Reading ->
Life has been pretty busy for us lately, and needless to say, our available energy for cooking has been running low. We have been mainly following Whole30 guidelines since the September Whole30, so that means cooking our meals from scratch (which we do anyway).     I wanted […] Continue Reading ->
Ginger is one of my favorite plants. I find ginger tea so soothing, and I love cooking with ground ginger in savory and sweet dishes. I love the aroma of ginger, especially in baking. Developing a flavorful Gingersnap Seasoning was really important to me, and I really enjoyed […] Continue Reading ->
Hello Friends and happy November! You didn’t think we’d let a season slip by without something new for you, did you? We actually have a LOT of new things coming over the next month so make some room in your kitchen cupboards!   NEW: Spice of the Month […] Continue Reading ->
Every year when fall rolls around, I start daydreaming about all the pumpkin flavored treats coming my way. Pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin cookies. But one treat stands about the rest when it comes to fall: Pumpkin Pie. For those who have followed Primal Palate since the […] Continue Reading ->

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