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We are getting into the season of soups, stews, and anything warm and comforting. I love a good chicken soup, but now that it’s Fall, I find myself craving more roast turkey, and a turkey soup sounded pretty delicious to me last week.     This is a […] Continue Reading ->
Beets are such a nutrient dense root vegetable, I always feel like I’m nourishing my body well when I add them to my diet.     I’ve been craving them a lot lately, especially on salads. I’ve been particularly enjoying the vinegar marinated Love Beets on salads with […] Continue Reading ->
Apple butter is one of my favorite fall treats. As much as I love it, I never tried making. Since apple butter typically needs to slow cook for many hours, I thought that a great way to make this recipe easier and faster, would be to make it […] Continue Reading ->
The September Whole30 is basically over (if you started with the group, it ends tomorrow), but Bill and I have decided to continue eating as close to Whole30 as possible moving forward. I actually made this recipe in the middle of the September Whole30, but we forgot to […] Continue Reading ->
Fall is here, and so is pumpkin everything!! The September Whole30 is still in full effect, so I wanted to make something tasty for the Primal Palate office crew to enjoy that wouldn’t be a huge deterrent from the Whole3o.     In our cookbook Make it Paleo […] Continue Reading ->
The other day I shared what has been going on in our world this year. It’s been a lot to manage, good and bad, but we are working through it all. Recently I realized that I really needed to up my self care.   When we closed on […] Continue Reading ->
If you follow me on my personal Instagram page, you know that Bill and I have had a pretty stressful year. It’s been a mix of good stress, and bad stress, but stress none the less.   When we got an office space, Bill and I knew it […] Continue Reading ->
We are still chugging along in our September Whole30, and plan to continue it indefinitely. We both feel really good this time around, and are really enjoying the program. We have a good bit of stress (good and bad stress) going on, and it’s so important to nourish […] Continue Reading ->
  I love most things ginger. Ginger candies, ginger tea, pickled ginger, and of course our Gingersnap spice blend. Gingersnap cookies are one of my favorite cookies, and when I created my own recipe for gingersnaps, I knew I wanted to create a spice blend so that […] Continue Reading ->

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