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A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make French toast with one of our Fall spice blends. The very next day, I got a message from my good friend Jennifer Robins (founder of Legit Bread Company), asking if we wanted to team up for a promo. […] Continue Reading ->
Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend. We had a really busy week last week. We traveled to the Baltimore and D.C. area for The Natural Products Expo, and to visit our good friends Anthony and Katrina of A Tribe Beyond Blessed, because they […] Continue Reading ->
Hayley and I have been working on redoing our new home since we moved in four years ago. We’ve worked our way down from the most important rooms (kitchen, bathrooms), to projects like flooring, replacing trim and doors (I promise I’ll get to that one soon!) and more […] Continue Reading ->
Who here has been following us from the beginning? Do you remember our first fall blogging, and the recipe for Pumpkin Spice Squares that I made? They may have tasted good, but they were not cute, and neither was the photo of them. We’ve come a very long […] Continue Reading ->
I love salads, but it’s easy to get burnt out on having the same one over and over. Bill and I have our go-to salad which is usually organic lettuce, black olives, and cucumber. It’s simple, but delicious. I usually top mine with Tessemae’s Lemonette dressing, but I […] Continue Reading ->
Growing up, there was always one candy that stood above the rest to me: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, or just Reese’s for short. There’s something special about that magical ratio of chocolate to peanut butter that just tastes so good. As someone who has become more health conscious […] Continue Reading ->
The Keto Diet has been taking the health world by storm over the last few years. Many might think that Keto is simply a new variation of the ubiquitous low carb craze, but that’s not the case. Keto was first developed as a therapeutic diet in the 1920’s […] Continue Reading ->
Hello Friends!   It may be a bit early for pumpkins … but never too early for Pumpkin Spice Lattes   (Pin this image! –> Pin this image!)   Our Sweet Pack of spices is back for the fall and winter, and to celebrate we wanted to share the most popular […] Continue Reading ->
Last Sunday we were driving home from D.C., and we stopped in Annapolis, MD so that I could check out the 100% Pure Shop. I got some really fun products that I will be sharing here on the blog soon.     After my healthy beauty product adventure, […] Continue Reading ->

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