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Summertime is quickly approaching with it’s scorching days and humid nights. Along with that heat comes the desire to keep the house cool at all costs, bringing about the height of grilling season. Burgers, hot dogs, ribs, jerk chicken… none of those dishes would be complete without a […] Continue Reading ->
The weather has been amazing this week, and Bill and I are all about the grilled food. I was really craving lamb chops, and was inspired to make a tasty marinade with our spices for some flavorful grilled lamb chops.     At first I wanted to use […] Continue Reading ->
Hello Friends!   Every year Cinco de Mayo rolls around and I feel conflicted about what to post. Much like St. Patrick’s Day and it’s green-everything celebration, Cinco de Mayo is more widely celebrated here in the United States than in Mexico. And I haven’t been in Mexico on May […] Continue Reading ->
Every now and then, Bill and I really enjoy eating rice, zucchini noodles, or Cappello’s pasta with a flavorful meat sauce. Recently, Bill has realized that he doesn’t tolerate tomatoes very well, so I wanted to make him something delicious that he could really enjoy, and feel good […] Continue Reading ->
This year for Passover, I was tasked with making the flourless desserts. I also rescued the chickens from being roasted upside down, but that’s a story for another day. Let’s just say that sometimes it’s a good thing I can be overly cautious and observant. Good one, mom. […] Continue Reading ->
Hello friends!   If you haven’t seen already (and MANY of you have) … we are hosting an AMAZING giveaway over on Instagram in celebration of the release of our new Party Pack. Just last week, we announced our new Party Pack, consisting of 9 single serving packets […] Continue Reading ->
We have an exciting new product to share with all of you today! We have been working on our new Party Pack for months, which contains single serving sizes of spice mixes. We have created a Garden Ranch blend, French Onion, and Taco & Fajita.     These […] Continue Reading ->
  Coconut cake was one of the first grain-free desserts I made for our blog. It ended up in our very first cookbook, Make it Paleo. I was an okay baker back then, but a lot has changed in 8 years, and I knew I could make […] Continue Reading ->
  When I made my new pizza crust recipe, I decided to bake half the dough in a loaf pan just for kicks. It turned out a bit too gummy, since it contains a lot of starch, but Bill cut a slice and toasted it, and told […] Continue Reading ->

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