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Bill and I both love flank steak, but it can be tricky to make sometimes. It’s not so easy for me to eat at the moment, because of my braces. So I decided to whip up a new marinade that would hopefully help me be able to eat […] Continue Reading ->
A few weeks back we received an amazing package from Primal Pastures. We’ve slowly been making our way through the goodies we got. The other night I made a quick batch of chicken soup using their pastured chicken bone broth, and yesterday I whipped up a simple roasted vegetable […] Continue Reading ->
A couple weeks ago, just before we took a few days to go to Fancy Foods in NYC and then the beach, we got a special delivery from Fish People. Inside the package was a giant filet of Wild Yukon River Salmon. It had to be at least […] Continue Reading ->
At the end of a few relaxing days at the beach, I pulled the trigger on something I’ve wanted to try for years: floating.   I’m not talking about the futile effort made in a swimming pool on a hot summer day, or the slightly less futile effort […] Continue Reading ->
Last week while we were at the beach, it suddenly became clear that peaches were 100% in season. We were getting some amazing peaches which we would take down to the beach every day as an afternoon snack. Well, actually Hayley isn’t really able to eat them right […] Continue Reading ->
When you follow a grain-free or gluten-free diet, holidays can bring on some stress because you may wonder what you will be able to eat when you attend a gathering. We are big advocates for offering to bring a dish, not only so that you can be sure […] Continue Reading ->
When I was little, my mom always made a pasta salad for parties and barbecues. I remember she would add peas and black olives, and the only way I liked eating the peas was if they got stuck inside the black olives. I’ve loved olives as long as […] Continue Reading ->
Fajitas are one of my favorite Tex-Mex dishes. My love for them probably started as a kid, when my family would go to Don Pablo’s, a nearly ubiquitous Tex-Mex chain of restaurants that we went to often when I was young. Two things stick out about our dinners […] Continue Reading ->
For this week’s Featured Contributor Friday, we’re interviewing Trisha Hughes from Eat Your Beets. You may know Trisha for her incredible Paleo and gluten-free recipes, or her eye catching food photography. What you may-or-may not know is Trisha is a wife, mother, second-to-none multitasker (she managed to hold a conversation while […] Continue Reading ->

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