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Hi friends, and a happy Saturday to you!   It’s a rainy (and cold) one here in Pittsburgh, but that’s the weather we always get here in November. We’re continuing our Food Lovers Pack release party with this awesome, spicy Bloody Mary Recipe. Well, we actually don’t bother […] Continue Reading ->
Every year, for the last few years, the autumnal time change has signaled the beginning of binge watching old seasons of Nigella Bites. We just love Nigella Lawson, and kind of wish she were our aunt sometimes. She’s so laid back, and her cooking style is completely carefree. […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for a while now, but it was shapeless until I was standing here in my kitchen (yes, still in the kitchen), and making breakfast (still making breakfast… hope I don’t burn the food!) … wouldn’t it be helpful for […] Continue Reading ->
Hi friends! It’s been a while since I posted about my skincare routine. As usual with me, it’s always evolving, especially since I joined Beautycounter as a consultant. I try to use as many of the products in the line as I can, so that I can offer […] Continue Reading ->
Way, waay back when we first launched Primal Palate Organic Spices, our original line included Ginger and Turmeric. We included those two spices for their amazing health benefits, but somewhere along the way, we decided to make room for other flavors and put Ginger and Turmeric on the […] Continue Reading ->
Yesterday I was inspired to make two new Halloween recipes. I’m actually only sharing one with you today, because It’s quick to make in time for your trick-or-treat festivities, and the other recipe I feel needs some work. The recipe I’m sharing today isn’t really a recipe, but […] Continue Reading ->
  I love fall and winter holidays. Anything that involves gatherings with friends and family and delicious comfort food. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year, and Halloween is special to me as well because I happen to LOVE candy (I get that from my mama). […] Continue Reading ->
We have exciting news to share today! We have a NEW pack of spice blends available… the Food Lovers Pack! We have been working on these blends since the spring of 2017, and we have been dying to share them with you ever since!     We originally […] Continue Reading ->
When I was in elementary school, I had a friend whose birthday was around Halloween. I remember one year going to her birthday party and having Dirt. You know, that dessert that consists of chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo cookies, and gummy worms. It was my favorite Halloween treat, […] Continue Reading ->

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