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In 2015 a group of experts came together to work out how to diagnose and test non coeliac wheat or gluten sensitivity. Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) is a syndrome characterized by intestinal (affecting the digestive tract) and extra-intestinal symptoms (affecting other areas of the body) related to the […] Continue Reading ->
Marty Kendall is an engineer and nutrition nerd. He uses his exceptional analytical skills and logic to discover really useful information about nutrition science, and what actually works for health and fat loss. Once recent series I find exceptionally fascinating and useful is analysis into satiety and overeating […] Continue Reading ->
The paleo diet compared to recommended healthy diets – which has the best results? Many countries use experts to create healthy eating guidelines, here is a link to the information on how the US guidelines are created Some dietary guidelines have been designed specifically for people with […] Continue Reading ->
In a large longitudinal study – a Paleolithic and a Mediterranean diet were investigated for their relationship to a number of diseases and deaths. Colorectal adenoma which is a precursor lesion of the colorectal adenocarcinoma (colon cancer) Biomarkers of inflammation – via high sensitivity C-Reative Protein (hsCRP) Oxidative […] Continue Reading ->
To date there are 16 paleo diet studies (with over 20 published papers), 14 on the classic paleo, and 2 using the stricter auto-immune paleo (AIP) diet. Here is a link to blog posts on the AIP for multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease. The Paleo, short for […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve written about Dr. David Unwin in previous posts. He is an inspirational GP in the UK who is using a whole food, low carbohydrate diet to reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity and saves the NHS thousands of pounds in medication costs. A UK doctor puts 18 […] Continue Reading ->
When I carried out the nutritionional analysis on the McDougall starch – vegan diet, I found the protein amount to be adequate as long as a large amount of higher protein plant foods like legumes and lentils were eaten. The McDougall starch diet – a nutritional analysis However, […] Continue Reading ->
There is something about being post-menopausal that makes it almost embarrassing to admit. No longer young and fertile, I worry about how people will view me. Am I seen as old? Over the hill? On the downward slope towards becoming invisible? As long as I am capable, I’m […] Continue Reading ->
This study was the third in a series of studies that tested Dr Terry Wahl’s modified paleo diet on a group with Multiple Sclerosis. The previous two studies, where 22 patients in total participated over 12 months, were multi-modal and tested the modified paleo diet along with exercise, […] Continue Reading ->

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