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There are lots of jokes and stereotypes addressing the many differences between men and women. While the health of both sexes is equally important, there is, perhaps, nothing more complex than addressing the full picture of a woman’s health. Men often find women confusing because of our […] Continue Reading ->
People “go Paleo” for many reasons. Some find it through Crossfit, while others try it in an attempt to lose weight, heal their guts, or help chronic disease. Whatever the reason that one follows a Paleo lifestyle, the nagging question of sweets remain: should Paleo people eat […] Continue Reading ->
Makes 4 Servings Approximately cooking time: 35 minutes Note: Broccolini is a great way to branch out into cooking new vegetables. Its tender stalks and flowers are milder than typical broccoli, but just as easy to steam, sauté or roast. While it is often sweetest in the […] Continue Reading ->
We love sharing success stories from our members who have used the Paleo diet to overcome their health issues. They keep us inspired and are a great reminder of why we choose to eat the way we do. If you have a success story that you would […] Continue Reading ->
Make a great side for 2. Approximate prep and cooking time: 20 min The post Celeriac Fries appeared first on Paleo Plan. Continue Reading ->
A recent study that garnered a lot of media attention compared the effects of a low-carbohydrate diet with a low-fat diet on weight and cardiovascular risk factors.  This low carb vs low fat study titled, Effects of Low-Carbohydrate and Low-fat diets: A Randomized Trial, was published in […] Continue Reading ->
Makes 4 Servings Approximate prep time: 10 minutes Tip: Add lean protein to turn this side dish into a lunch or dinner with leftovers to spare. The post Paleo Asian Cabbage Salad appeared first on Paleo Plan. Continue Reading ->
Serves 4 Approximate prep and cooking time: 1 hour Smoked paprika pairs perfectly with sweet roasted carrots and garlic in this rich one-dish meal. It’s important to use skin on, bone in chicken thighs for the best flavor, but boneless, skinless chicken breasts could be used in […] Continue Reading ->
The Paleo Diet, and moreover, the Paleo lifestyle are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds, catching the attention of some of the bigwigs. Good Morning America did a piece today entitled “Popular Paleo Diet Becomes Way of Life for Some.” ABC’s ‘The Morning Stir’ interviewed Rick Gusmano, […] Continue Reading ->

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