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Aging happens as a result of numerous processes in the body, primarily from how our cells regenerate and how much inflammation we have. These are key things we can control including diet, sleep, and lifestyle habits. Here’s what you can do to naturally slow premature aging, as […] Continue Reading ->
Burn more fat and build strength with these low impact HIIT exercises you can do anywhere. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) couples short bursts of high-intensity exercise with rest periods. This type of training allows you to work harder than you would if you were performing an exercise […] Continue Reading ->
When it comes to counting calories, it can be a very slippery slope. Yes, it’s helpful to have an approximate idea of calories — generally veggies will be low and sweets will be high. However, there are many reasons to make your food choices based on more […] Continue Reading ->
If you’re affected by chronic muscle pain, you may be dealing with Myofascial Pain Syndrome. Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic condition. In this condition, pressure on sensitive points in your muscles (also known as trigger points or knots) causes pain in the muscle (known as an active […] Continue Reading ->
When you go keto, you’re often in search of simple, ketosis-fueling snacks to help get you through the day. Look no further: these 3-ingredient keto snacks ensure you’ll have access to easy-to-whip up treats no matter what you crave. From healthy keto “candies” like latte gummy bears […] Continue Reading ->
If you’re experiencing low back pain, there’s a good chance that it’s related to your sacroiliac joint (SIJ) and you don’t even know it. The SIJ connects the sacrum to the right and left iliac bones, which are the large bones that form your pelvis. These joints […] Continue Reading ->
Bite into these tasty, keto cookies while still keeping your macros in check! One of the hardest parts of going keto is giving up all forms of sugar. From high-fructose fruits to sweet baked goods like cookies, the keto diet seems to kicks them out the door. Luckily, […] Continue Reading ->
Work is a vital part of our lives, and even if we want to be more than our jobs, it’s hard to get away from something that consumes at least 40 hours a week – or more, if you count the time that we spend commuting, thinking, […] Continue Reading ->
Dig into this tasty list of raw recipes ranging from savory dishes to dreamy desserts. Raw recipes mean less time, effort, and dishes. No-bake tarts and cheesecakes let you quickly blend together ingredients, pour them into a pan, then leave them to set in the fridge or […] Continue Reading ->

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