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Most of us are spending our days sitting way more than the human body was designed for, and this leads to tightness, pain, and weakness in the hip flexors and outer hip muscles like the tensor fascia latae (TFL), piriformis, and gluteus medius and minimus. What’s worse, […] Continue Reading ->
Do you follow a raw, Paleo diet, or are you just trying to cut out more processed goods in favor of natural, whole foods? Maybe you just really don’t want to turn your oven on. Whatever your reasons for eating more raw foods, you know desserts can […] Continue Reading ->
One of the biggest barriers people cite to going Paleo is cost. While organic fruits and veggies and grass-fed meats do occasionally come at a steeper markup than processed, packaged foods, the investment in your health is priceless. Processed foods may fill you up in a superficial […] Continue Reading ->
Sitting at a desk, driving in your car, and even working out can all cause upper back pain and stiffness. Sitting at a desk or in a car for an extended period of time leads to tightness in the hips, hamstrings, chest, shoulders, the muscles of the […] Continue Reading ->
Going Paleo means kissing goodbye to gluten-filled grains, refined sugars, dairy, and countless other not-so-good-for-you ingredients typically found in popular desserts. The good news? You don’t have to completely eliminate desserts from your life; just find ways to use whole food ingredients to create delectable, and, dare […] Continue Reading ->
Soothe your sore, achy feet with these simple stretches. The feet are an essential part of the body that is often overlooked. They have a huge role: supporting the weight of our entire body as we stand, walk, run, and jump from one place to another. So […] Continue Reading ->
Salad greens aren’t just for salad. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the many varietals of lettuce and greens. We give you the rundown on common salad greens, including their history, taste, texture, culinary uses, and nutrition, so you’ll never ask yourself “what’s radicchio?” […] Continue Reading ->
These coffee drinks are dairy-free, and are made with only whole food, unprocessed ingredients. Instead of sugar-laden syrups, you’ll enjoy naturally sweetened lattes made with gut-friendly nut milks. Enjoy drinks that channel coffee shop favorites, without all the less-than-healthy add-ins. Think pumpkin spice lattes with real pumpkin or coconut […] Continue Reading ->
Running, strength training, and even walking call cause tightness in the quads. If you don’t implement an effective stretching regimen, it can lead to hip, knee, and even foot pain. These simple stretches will loosen up your tight quads so that you can prevent injury and gently […] Continue Reading ->

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