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Herbs are a fantastic way to add flavor to your dishes without disrupting the balance of fats, sugars, and salts. To truly build complexity in your meals, use them to amp up the flavor and health benefits of your favorite Paleo dishes. Knowing how to use them […] Continue Reading ->
What is the best dish for fresh basil? How do you cook with chives? Use this handy guide to discover how to use the 10 most popular herbs. Herbs are an easy way to add flavor to your dishes without disrupting the balance of fats, sugars, and […] Continue Reading ->
Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the United States. A bacterial infection, it’s primarily transmitted by deer ticks (Ixodes ticks) as well as black-legged ticks. It’s caused by a corkscrew-shaped bacteria, called Borrelia burgdorferi. These tiny critters are found in grassy and heavily wooded […] Continue Reading ->
We seem to always crave food that is high in sugar and fat, yet we never find ourselves craving a huge bowl of broccoli. What gives? Craving certain foods is a multifaceted experience. There’s a cognitive component and an emotional component – aka “I am having a […] Continue Reading ->
Many of us don’t think twice how grilling versus boiling affects the nutrient content. But have you ever considered the effect these methods can have on your favorite foods, and even your health? It turns out that different cooking methods can not only cause a loss (or […] Continue Reading ->
We break down everything you need—from tools to toppings—to make the perfect smoothies bowl! Smoothie bowls often look more like works of art than breakfast. These bowls of blended fruits, veggies, and superfood additions like maca, acai, seeds, and nuts are a popular way to start the […] Continue Reading ->
We know that wellness mainstays like turmeric, meditation, and yoga are beneficial to our health. But what about the many other natural remedies that get tossed around? Is there research that lends science-backed credence to remedies like salt lamps, essential oils and detox foot baths? We’re here […] Continue Reading ->
So, you want to create your own booch but don’t know where to start? Here, we show you how to make homemade kombucha, breaking down each step with helpful tips along the way! Switchel, probiotic drinks, kefir: these wonder drinks can be found in any health food […] Continue Reading ->
Before you dive into the Paleo diet, here are cooking tips and tricks to avoid rookie mistakes. Switching to a healthier lifestyle can be filled with exciting new things, like grabbing the latest kitchen gadgets to make food prep a breeze. It can also be fun to […] Continue Reading ->

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