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Mindfulness meditation has long been recognized as a healthy way to relieve stress, but emerging research suggests that it may affect your physical health and DNA, too. Recent studies show promising connections between mindfulness meditation and the reduction of physical inflammation. (1) While more clinical trials are […] Continue Reading ->
There’s a new charcoal in town, and it isn’t for grilling. You’ll be surprised to know that this type of charcoal—referred to as activated charcoal—is actually a medicinal product that can be used as a remedy for a number of popular conditions. Before we delve into the […] Continue Reading ->
Most of us have experienced heartburn at one time or another—that burning sensation that rises up through your chest. The pain from the “burn” can be so mild it’s hardly noticeable or be so sharp and intense that you might think you’re having a heart attack. Heartburn […] Continue Reading ->
The post No Noodle Beef and Spaghetti Squash Soup-AIP appeared first on PaleoPlan. Continue Reading ->
Just the thought of wading out into the ocean of conflicting diet and exercise information across the internet is enough to make you want to throw on some noise canceling headphones and pull the bed covers back over your eyes. Here we’ve simplified the top five things […] Continue Reading ->
Evening primrose oil, also known as EPO, is a popular supplement with numerous health claims. But is it as healthy as it seems, and what are the potential health benefits? What Is EPO? Evening primrose oil is a plant native to North America, which bears yellow flowers […] Continue Reading ->
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No matter how solid your immunity may be, you can still get taken out by a flu virus from time to time. Immunity isn’t just a result of diet or genetics alone but is a result of your lifestyle, your gut health, your stress levels, and more. […] Continue Reading ->
This post first appeared at PaleoHacks. You can see the original post here. The secret behind these moist, super-chocolatey brownies? A Paleo, powerhouse ingredient: sweet potatoes! Sweet potatoes are not only sustaining as a complex carbohydrate—they are also an excellent source of vitamin A (thanks to their […] Continue Reading ->

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