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I like to make and create easy and quick recipes. This new Healthy Hearty Steak Marinade is savory with a touch of sassy, a hint of spicy, and has warm peppery undertones that really bring out the “OMG” in a good protein dish, like this delicious grass-fed beef. […] Continue Reading ->
Yes, it is finally here! This is the first of three recipes I have been speaking about on my social sites with this natural zero-calorie sweeter. I was doing my homework and found some very interesting and cool information about it and even more from Paleo guru, Mark […] Continue Reading ->
The blend I used today is called Coconut Thai from BLENDABELLA. I really enjoyed using this amazing mix of portabella, vegetables and herbs. I was able to come up with three new recipes all with a unique flavor to their own with this one mix. I find that […] Continue Reading ->
I came across three jars of the most amazing blends of perfect flavors. Over this past week I used all three and I MUST share each of these recipes with you. In the below chili relleno side-dish recipe I used their mushroom blend called Zesty Mexican which is […] Continue Reading ->
I hope you enjoy this amazing and fun Tuscan Stuffed Noodle Nests Appetizer as much as I did creating it. In this recipe I used BLENDABELLA Rustic Tuscan. OMG a game changer! I used these mixes in 4 recipes this week and all really were out of this […] Continue Reading ->
Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is its own reward. Yet, as with anything in life, and especially as you approach that over-50-years-of-age mark, your healthy lifestyle can be improved upon and upgraded to ensure long-term health, performance, and vibrancy. Enter, the Paleo diet. The concept of primal nutrition has […] Continue Reading ->
Gathering flavor inspirations from around the globe, TRIBALÍ Foods uses single-sourced ingredients to deliver clean, delicious home-cooked classics. I for one am a lover of this company and the many options to create delicious Paleo recipes for. Today is a surprise though and this recipe for Paleo Parsnips Pasta with […] Continue Reading ->
Carrageenan is a common food additive that is extracted from a red seaweed, Chondrus crispus, which is popularly known as Irish moss. I am finding it is used in many of the boxed nut milks I use. In fact I am finding it can be quite difficult to find a […] Continue Reading ->
As a celiac, I am always on a strict gluten-free diet. Many of my readers know I went “beyond” gluten-free and transitioned to the paleo diet, which is a more grain-free approach. Being celiac, this diet has been very helpful for me. Some refer to the diet as […] Continue Reading ->

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