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This delicious waffle recipe is pretty darn “allergy proof” unless you have issues with eggs. It is void of any gluten, grains, nuts and of course dairy. These paleo waffles with coconut still taste just like the real deal according to my guest Rossy of Primal Yum! Rossy […] Continue Reading ->
Kids love ketchup. Of course many of them do as ketchup is loaded with sugar or corn syrup. I dislike most they are selling in stores excluding the various paleo friendly on-line stores offering healthier versions of paleo ketchup. You cannot go wrong making fresh homemade ketchup in […] Continue Reading ->
How many of us have heard of the term, “clean eating”? I’m sure all of you are nodding your heads right now. It’s a word that has been a topic for the past few years and it won’t be going away any time soon. Clean eating has become […] Continue Reading ->
Summer is coming and what else describes summer best than a paleo pulled pork recipe. This delicious recipe can be served with a salad, roasted vegetables, in a bun, with grilled veggies or basically in any way your heart desires; with or without a paleo barbecue sauce. This […] Continue Reading ->
Bone broth is an incredibly healthy addition to not only the paleo diet, but any diet. It’s no secret that we all want to be healthy, look and feel good, and have a high quality of life. We live in a world where everybody is looking for the […] Continue Reading ->
These easy to make marinated beets are perfect for our summers here in the United States or, in other words, our H-O-T weather. When the heat picks up, it is easy to feel like grabbing a quick bite on-the-go and not laboring over a hot stove for an […] Continue Reading ->
Finding good coffee is not always easy in the US, and if you’ve been to Europe, you know what I mean! Coffee is a great treat for those who eat clean and live an active lifestyle, but I found that most coffee in the US is not friendly […] Continue Reading ->
These chocolate truffles are not only incredibly delicious but this paleo truffle recipe is so easy to make. In literally minutes and you can skip the “all too common” waiting for hours in the fridge. The sesame seeds are always an option by the way. Use whatever you […] Continue Reading ->
I think I can speak for all of us when I say Summer is the best! Warm breeze, iced drinks and yummy treats are only some of the best parts of Summer. Now that Summer is finally upon us, we tend to think that ice cream is the […] Continue Reading ->

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