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Probiotics are not harmless. Actually, in certain situations, they may cause a lot of damage. The term probiotics—which comes from Latin, meaning “pro life”—is somewhat misleading, because probiotics don’t always promote life—sometimes, they cause death. Certain probiotics, including various types of lactic acid bacteria, produce powerful compounds (like […] Continue Reading ->
Serves: 4 | Prep time: 30 minutes | Cook time: 30 minutes This Paleo take on a traditional chicken noodle casserole is full of nutritious broccoli and sweet potato. It’s creamy and delicious—pure comfort food! Ingredients 3 cups broccoli florets 1 medium sweet potato, cut with a spiral […] Continue Reading ->
This week we are joined by Jeff Chilton from Nammex to tell us all about the benefits we can get from incorporating more mushrooms into our diet. Jeff started Nammex in the 1980s, and he’s been growing and supplying mushrooms and supplements ever since. You might be forgiven […] Continue Reading ->
Editor’s Note: A version of this article originally appeared in our October/November 2018 print issue. Cogito Ergo Sum ​”I think, therefore I am.” This famous quote by Rene Descartes, a 17th century French philosopher and mathematician, was originally published in his 1637 treatise Discourse on the Method of […] Continue Reading ->
McCormick & Company, creator of Old Bay® seasoning, files a trademark infringement lawsuit against Primal Palate for their “New Bae” blend From protein bars to salad dressings and everything edible in between, companies are seeking to provide healthier, Paleo-friendly options for consumers. One such company is Pittsburgh-based […] Continue Reading ->
The secret to perfect meatza is grinding your own skinless chicken breasts with just a little coconut flour; the meatza “crust” will not shrink when baking, and will be quite sturdy to hold whatever toppings you desire. This olive and mushroom combo is delicious! Prep time: 20 minutes […] Continue Reading ->
In this episode, we spend a lot of time talking about carbs. Are they good? Are they bad? Do you need them at all? Instead of doing an interview, we are diving into an incredible article called “Is Your Low-Carb Diet Wreaking Havoc on Your Gut Microbiome?” The […] Continue Reading ->
They’re scattered across forest floors, peeking out from under fresh-cut lawns, and perched on tree-trunks like organic shelves. You might give them a lingering glance because of their beauty or oddness. But if you knew about the powerful healing properties hidden in some of these mushroom varieties, you […] Continue Reading ->
It’s the villain of the health and wellness world. It’s sneaky, and hides in all sorts of non-Paleo foods. It’s cheap, addictive and blended into just about everything on supermarket shelves today. That’s right—it’s sugar. And it’s seriously bad news for anyone who’s trying to feel better, sleep […] Continue Reading ->

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