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This Gumbo recipe was created by Bernadette Kathryn, an Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach from New York. Her passions are good health and good food and her website Living Fit Lifestyle has great recipes and resources for health, diet and wellness! You can also connect with Bernadette via […] Continue Reading ->
Recently, someone asked me how to stop eating late at night. It stumped me, not because I couldn’t think of an answer, but because I didn’t understand why anyone would even ask. I’m not being mean – I don’t mean it’s a dumb question – rather, I didn’t […] Continue Reading ->
For a lot of my adult life, I was guilty of neglecting my sleep.  Even when I was eating healthy and exercising, I’d still stay up too late and then get up early. Recently, I’ve put a lot of focus on getting more sleep, and it’s working wonders […] Continue Reading ->
Despite what most websites say, dairy actually IS Paleo. But only certain types, and only after you’ve determined that you’re not sensitive to dairy. When Dairy is Paleo Dairy is Paleo so long as it’s raw (or made from raw milk) or fermented. And preferably, the cow, goat, or […] Continue Reading ->
Lauren, of Wicked Spatula, is a blogger whose big passions are food, travel and chocolate! She loves to cook with real foods and keep it organic, healthy and delicious. Her blog is intended as relaxing place to pick up good recipes, ideas, and forget about life’s worries. You […] Continue Reading ->
Almost everybody who successfully loses weight or heals an illness has one thing in common. Download Our 15 Common Paleo Pitfalls Book Here it is… Almost all of those people brush their teeth. …. That’s not very useful information is it? It’s true that they mostly all brush […] Continue Reading ->
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you are totally against it or enjoy getting in the mood to go all lovey-dovey with your special someone, nobody can deny a good excuse to make chocolate treats. Get This List Emailed To You! Click Here >> Even […] Continue Reading ->
One of my favorite foods is Dungeness Crab.  It’s really delicious, super nutritious, (low in calories if you’re looking for that), and very easy to cook! Plus if you’re deficient in vitamin B12, which many of us could do with more of, there’s 220% of your daily value of […] Continue Reading ->
What Are Nightshades? When I hear the word nightshade, my first thought is generally that it’s poisonous (since deadly nightshade, also known as atropa belladonna, is often mentioned as a poison in the mystery books I used to read as a child). But, nightshades (also known as Solanaceae) […] Continue Reading ->

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