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After the summer vacation, many people are trying to learn new healthier habits. Often, it works with enough time and motivation. With enough time and motivation we can learn almost anything. If you’re interested in this – especially if you’re a parent – I recommend the short video […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after Can severe acne be cured with a diet change? This is still controversial but there are many who have experienced this and there are studies that prove that it may work. I received an email from Micke, and here’s his story, translated from Swedish: The Email Hi Andreas! […] Continue Reading ->
Before and now I received an email from Amanda, who is on a massive weight-loss journey with LCHF. Here’s her story: The Email Someone directed me to your website from a LCHF Facebook group I’m a member of. I started low carb in November of last year […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after You can hardly believe it’s the same person. Here’s Lindha Vikström, a Swedish mother of two, with her story about how she cut her weight in half with LCHF: The Email Hi! I saw that you were looking for people who would want to share […] Continue Reading ->
Do you know anyone who has bought in to the fear-mongering propaganda against salt? Now yet another big study indicates that the fear of salt is highly exaggerated. When they examined the salt habits of over 100,000 people, it turned out that people who salted more than the recommended amount had the […] Continue Reading ->
A new little “Diet Daughter” arrived yesterday. All went fine. The post Baby Sister appeared first on Continue Reading ->
The image does not represent the email sender Would the health care system ever advise an alcoholic to drink alcohol at least six times a day and take pills to suppress the cravings? No, hardly. But when it comes to eating disorders the standard of care often seems […] Continue Reading ->
Cholesterol-lowering drugs, so called statins, may cause diabetes. This is nowadays well-known and is listed among side effects you’re at risk for. But did pharmaceutical companies know this long before and try to keep it secret for as long as possible? Thousands of people who have taken the drug and […] Continue Reading ->
Could Vitamin D protect against Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia? The media recently wrote about this after a new study: The Telegraph: Study: sunshine “could help to stave off dementia” Science Daily: Link between vitamin D, dementia risk confirmed However, there are a few important points to […] Continue Reading ->

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