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9-year-old is firmly advised to eat a pound of root vegetables per meal for the brain to work Diabetics are routinely exposed to neglect, because of old ingrained dogmas on how they need to eat. Diabetics are getting sicker unnecessarily, and often often their attempts to improve their health […] Continue Reading ->
Before and presently Pretty impressive! Here’s an update from Sophie, who shared the beginning of her success story eating LCHF a year ago. That, it turns out, was just the beginning. Here’s her whole life-altering story: The Email Hi Andreas, I just wanted to say I LOVE your blog! I […] Continue Reading ->
P-O Heidling P-O Heidling from Linköping, Sweden, has had type 1 diabetes since childhood. Despite being a “very good” patient, his blood sugar levels increased with the years. He was tired constantly and many more health problems started to sneak up on him. He emailed me about […] Continue Reading ->
My results The obesity epidemic is spreading all over the world. Below is a test, where you can compare your weight and BMI to those of people in other countries: BBC News – Where are you on the global fat scale? I was at the Malaysian level when it […] Continue Reading ->
Swedes are becoming heart-healthier, faster! The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare recently released the latest statistics for the risk of myocardial infarctions in Sweden, up to the year 2013. This is encouraging reading for almost everyone… except for those who are desperately looking for signs that increased butter-consumption has something […] Continue Reading ->
Do we really need scientists to tell us how harmful sugar is? Yes, unfortunately. And here they are: Researchers highlight strong links between sugar and chronic disease:UCSF Launches Sugar Science Initiative “The average American consumes nearly three times the recommended amount of added sugar every day, which […] Continue Reading ->
Things are happening! The other day an excellent TV show about the benefits of LCHF-like food aired. This on Australia’s biggest science show, Catalyst. The show is not only about how LCHF may reduce appetite, produce weight loss without hunger or improve diabetes. It also goes into how […] Continue Reading ->
Swedish science journalist Dr. Ann Fernholm has been very active in the sugar debate lately: The extremely sugary products, which the industry is marketing with happy characters should be banned; foods that we’d never even let our pets eat, should not be sold as food for our […] Continue Reading ->
Science is in full swing changing views on saturated fat. More and more people realize that the fear of real butter has been a mistake. One of the most well-known nutritional Scandinavian scientists, Danish professor Arne Astrup, has completely changed his view on the issue. Now he’s […] Continue Reading ->

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