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Here’s our LCHF dinner the other night: fried pork with garlic and parsley butter and an aubergine gratin. Yummy! LCHF for Beginners More Diet Doctor’s LCHF Healthy Tasty Green Chips! Picnic at Diet Doctor’s House Dinner at Diet Doctor’s The post Dinner the Other Night appeared first on […] Continue Reading ->
Appetizer à la LCHF at our house. Bacon-wrapped halloumi cheese with a pesto dip. Ridiculously delicious. It hardly gets better than this. Recipe here: Recipe Ingredients 1 packet of halloumi cheese 1 packet of bacon 1 tub of sour cream Pesto Preheat oven to 450°F (225°C) Cut up […] Continue Reading ->
It was only a matter of time as I really enjoy taking pictures (of food): Diet Doctor is now available on Instagram as well. Notice the “_” sign between the two words. Feel free to follow for updates on what I – and my family – are […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after Avishek Nag , Ireland, had been overweight most of his life and was bullied as a kid. Finally he reached a turning point and wanted to find something that would make weight loss sustainable. He was looking for something fast and effective. Here’s his story: The […] Continue Reading ->
Many people wonder what we feed our children. Here’s one of the very first solid foods that 5.5 month-old Alva has had. The ingredient list is short: Organic broccoli and butter. Here’s how the preparation and eating goes: Preparation The broccoli is boiled and blended until smooth. It may […] Continue Reading ->
According to statistics more than half of dogs and cats are obese. Pet Obesity Prevention: An Estimated 54% of Dogs and Cats in the United States are Overweight or Obese The advice pet owners receive sounds familiar: Your dog must eat less – and exercise more The […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after This is fantastic! I got an email from Derek in Australia with a husband and wife success story. The journey includes massive weight loss and numerous health benefits, including reversing infertility – and avoiding weight-loss surgery. Derek began his LCHF journey without his wife’s […] Continue Reading ->
  This is the book that contributes to finally dismissing the old fear of fat. When the book The Big Fat Surprise came out in June last year, major American newspapers praised it. It has become a New York Times  best seller and The Wall Street Journal appointed it one […] Continue Reading ->
Eggs or non-eggs? What if there were an egg that wasn’t an egg? Scientists in the US are trying to create a plant-based “egg” for vegans. The current version contains half a dozen ingredients, mainly pea protein, but is not getting high grades from chefs: TIME: Eggless Eggs Exist and […] Continue Reading ->

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