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Science is in full swing changing views on saturated fat. More and more people realize that the fear of real butter has been a mistake. One of the most well-known nutritional Scandinavian scientists, Danish professor Arne Astrup, has completely changed his view on the issue. Now he’s […] Continue Reading ->
The soda industry in the U.S. suffered a historical loss the other day. For the first time, a soda tax is imposed! Berkeley, California, became the first city to vote, with great majority, in favor of introducing a tax that will make sodas noticeably more expensive: Politico: Berkeley breaks […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after Here’s another story about a several decade-long struggle with weight and health issues, took a turn for the better when Ron Webb changed his diet: The Email Here is my story!!! Above is me at a weight of 195 lbs (88 kg) in April 2010. Then […] Continue Reading ->
Can you recover and manage without antiepileptic drugs by changing your diet? Ask Christer Kustvik, editor-in-chief at Swedish newspaper Corren: I hope you can stand some rampant joy, dear readers, because this column will be written in a state of euphoria. The past week has been one […] Continue Reading ->
A picnic on the living room floor the other day – dinner when the family’s three-year old gets to decide. More Dinner at Diet Doctor’s Pizza Without the Bread: Meatza Eating LCHF in America The post Picnic at Diet Doctor’s House appeared first on Continue Reading ->
A major new Swedish study on milk consumption has gained some attention. It suggests that people who drink a lot of milk live shorter lives on average, and perhaps in addition have an increased risk of bone fractures: BBC: High milk diet “may not cut risk of bone fractures” Again, this […] Continue Reading ->
Several people have told me about this anti-sugar rant from John Oliver recently, on Last Week Tonight. It’s pretty funny. The post Last Week Tonight about Sugar appeared first on Continue Reading ->
Here’s a nice op ed published in the Wall Street Journal: WSJ: The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders The illustration is badly chosen, as this meal is likely to contain more sugar and other bad carbs than anything else. The article is good though. The author, Nina Teicholz, also […] Continue Reading ->
Is natural fat bad for you? Hardly. Here’s yet another fine article about the ongoing shift in scientific position regarding fat and carbohydrates: Business Insider: Looks Like The Medical Establishment Was Wrong About Fat The new dietary study they’re referring to is this one. More New Major Study: A Low-Carb […] Continue Reading ->

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