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Our vegetarian LCHF week has come to Friday’s dinner: Vegetable spaghetti with mushroom and blue-cheese sauce. Clearly a colorful and tasty alternative to pasta! Here’s a recipe and nutritional value, 83 energy-percent fat and 7 energy-percent carbohydrates…and our previous vegetarian LCHF meals:  Recipe Vegetable spaghetti: 3 kohlrabi 2 zucchini 1 carrot (optional for […] Continue Reading ->
Thursday’s dinner on our vegetarian LCHF: Spinach soup with egg halves (lacto-ovo-vegetarian). Here’s a recipe and nutritional value, 87 energy percent fat and 4 energy percent carbohydrates.  Recipe 4 ounces (100 g) butter 1 yellow onion 1 lb (400 gram) frozen spinach 3 cups (8 dl) vegetable broth […] Continue Reading ->
Health food Good news, if long overdue. The warnings about restricting dietary cholesterol will likely be withdrawn from future U.S. Guidelines. In Sweden these obsolete cholesterol guidelines are already gone. Washington Post: The U.S. government is poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol The post The U.S. […] Continue Reading ->
We’re continuing our vegetarian LCHF week and have come to Wednesday’s dinner: Zucchini patties with rich tzatziki. Everything with tzatziki is good and so was this. Here’s a recipe and the nutritional value comes to 79 and 8 energy percent carbohydrates: Recipe Zucchini patties with rich tzatziki, 4 servings Zucchini patties: 2 zucchinis […] Continue Reading ->
Butter, healthy again The advice from the 1980’s about avoiding butter lacked evidence. The entire Western world received dietary guidelines that had never been shown to do any good. This may be old news for the regular reader here, but now the knowledge is spreading faster and faster […] Continue Reading ->
For one week we’re doing vegetarian LCHF every day at our house. Tuesday we had an omelet with Feta cheese and arugula lettuce (rucola lettuce), served with an avocado. As you may already have noticed yesterday, we’re doing lacto-ovo vegetarian, i.e. including dairy products and eggs. Continue reading for […] Continue Reading ->
Lots of people have asked, is it possible? Others may just have assumed it’s impossible, but it’s certainly not. This week we hope to inspire you to try it out. We’re doing a week of vegetarian LCHF – no meat, no fish. Here’s a cheese-filled eggplant breaded with sesame seed, […] Continue Reading ->
S:t Kitts Are you on a low-carb diet and interested in health? Do you like the sun, warm weather, adventures and a chance to find new friends for life? Here’s your chance. Finally, all the pieces are in place for this year’s big low-carb cruise. In the week […] Continue Reading ->
This week’s least surprising piece of news? In an article in More Mayo Clinic Proceedings American scientists are arguing that we have to cut down on fructose (i.e. sugar) to avoid getting diabetes: Science Daily: Added fructose is a principal driver of type 2 diabetes, experts argue Diabetes […] Continue Reading ->

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