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Photo: Emma Shevtzoff We’ll continue to share some fantastic LCHF recipes from Swedish chef Anne Aobadia (check them all out here). Today we have a recipe for a delicious Poulet au Four – or like non-French people say, roast chicken: Poulet au Four Roast chicken is among the best things […] Continue Reading ->
Before and after Karen Melo shared on the Diet Doctor Facebook page what has happened so far in six months with LCHF: The Email I just wanted to share what a LCHF lifestyle has done for me in six months. 38 lbs (17 kg) lost, PCOS symptoms greatly […] Continue Reading ->
We’ve been keeping busy during Paleo f(x) interviewing people. We’ve got short video interviews with Paleo people like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser and all the usual suspects. We’ve also got longer sit-down interviews with the fantastic Dr. Terry Wahls (pictured above) and NYT bestselling author Nina Teicholz […] Continue Reading ->
The Diet Doctor Facebook page just hit 100,000 likes! Thanks to everyone who supports us. We’ll keep improving the site as quickly as we can and hope we’ll be worthy of millions of likes in the not too distant future. The post 100,000 on Facebook appeared first […] Continue Reading ->
This may be the best (and funniest) low-carb movie ever. That’s what I wrote when it was released back in the fall of 2014. You can watch the trailer above. You can still rent or buy the movie, of course. But you can now also watch it […] Continue Reading ->
TIME: McDonald’s Is Closing Hundreds of Stores This Year The post Good News appeared first on Continue Reading ->
We’re in Austin, Texas, attending the big Paleo f(x) conference. Here’s a quick video to take you onsite and show what it’s like. Feel free to share. As soon as possible we’ll upload some brief interviews with speakers and participants. We’re also doing a few really high-quality […] Continue Reading ->
Wow, that was fast! We launched our membership site on Monday and on Friday more than 1,000 people had signed up for a free trial. More importantly the members seem to love it. Here’s some feedback from Twitter: Fantastic interview with @drjasonfung on @DietDoctor1 membership section, highly recommend […] Continue Reading ->
Here’s my 8 month-old daughter Alva, gnawing on a bone. Why am I showing you this? Let me tell you. Today the Paleo f(x) conference starts in Austin, Texas and we’re there to check it out. I’m a big fan of Paleo diets and evolutionary thinking in […] Continue Reading ->

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