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A higher fat diet seems to be good for preserving our brains and reducing the risk of dementia. Here’s another new publication from the PREDIMED study. It has previously shown that a higher-fat Mediterranean diet with extra olive oil or nuts is good for preventing heart disease and […] Continue Reading ->
Nothing new but worth reading: Washington Post: The sugar lobby’s sour tactics The post “The sugar lobby’s sour tactics” appeared first on Continue Reading ->
Before and after Is diabetes type 2 an incurable disease? That’s what Bernard Bollen’s doctor told him, and that’s what conventional wisdom says. Then Bernard found what has worked so well for so many people, and his life was transformed. Here’s his story: The Email Hello Andreas, […] Continue Reading ->
Do doctors treat type 2 diabetes completely wrong today – in a way that actually makes the disease worse? Many people would correctly say yes. There’s a better way. What is the perfect treatment for type 2 diabetes – and for weight loss? Many people would say […] Continue Reading ->
What do you eat for breakfast on LCHF? This is one of the most common questions from beginners, and even experienced LCHF eaters sometimes want new inspiration. Bacon and eggs, leftover from dinner or intermittent fasting in all its glory, variety is good too. And now it’s […] Continue Reading ->
Here’s a great new TEDx-talk on how to reverse type 2 diabetes using LCHF diets. It was released a couple of days ago. The presenter is Dr. Sarah Hallberg, the medical director and founder of the Indiana University-Arnett Health Medical Weight Loss Program. I didn’t know about […] Continue Reading ->
Yesterday saw some frightening headlines about obesity being about to “explode” in Europe. BT: Europe is heading towards an unprecedented obesity explosion by 2030 Newsweek: Europe facing growing obesity crisis: WHO The headlines are based on a new WHO report on the spread of obesity in Europe. Sweden – […] Continue Reading ->
Do you want to listen to me and three other participants discuss the highs and lows of the recent Paleo f(x) conference? Check out the latest episode of the LLVLC podcast: The LLVLC Show (Episode 957): 2015 PaleoFX Recap With Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, Emily Maguire, & Erynn […] Continue Reading ->
If you eat meat, will your blood become acidic, leading to osteoporosis and cancer? This is what some people still believe. Fortunately it’s a myth, based on a misunderstanding of how the body works. Since humans have been eating meat since about forever, it would be pretty […] Continue Reading ->

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