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Do you want to lose weight? Here’s one of the most controversial – and most important – things to keep in mind. I’m currently updating my page with tips on How to Lose Weight. This is now the third most important tip of 16. The first two? Choose […] Continue Reading ->
We now have another expert to help answering questions! Do have a hard time controlling cravings for food – in particular sweet or processed food? Do you experience lack of control over your eating? Starting an LCHF diet and eating when hungry reduces food cravings. For a […] Continue Reading ->
Do you want the best possible prize for next year’s low carb cruise in the Caribbean? It’s now possible to book it. Check out this message from Debbie Hubbs, the cruise organizer, for all the information: WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED OUR LC CRUISE ON THE INDEPENDENCE! WE […] Continue Reading ->
Earlier this week the world’s top LCHF conference came online. For the discounted prize $49 (usually $69) you get instant access to it, and you can also check out some short previews for free: The World’s Top LCHF Conference is Finally Online! We managed to get another […] Continue Reading ->
Here’s a fantastic music video called “That Sugar Song”. It’s an advertisement for the equally great movie “That Sugar Film” that will soon be released in the US and UK. The trailer has been watched over one million times and in Australia where the movie’s already been […] Continue Reading ->
Proposed warning label A soda tax was recently introduced in Berkeley, California. Now San Francisco is considering requiring health warnings on advertisements for sugary drinks. A decision is expected soon. In the world’s most obese nation Mexico a soda tax was enacted last year and recent statistics already show […] Continue Reading ->
Dr. Michael Fox gives good advice to a female cruiser Should women avoid running? And should you – male or female – stop drinking coffee? Those controversial messages were delivered by Dr. Michael Fox with his lecture on the Caribbean low-carb cruise recently. We invited our moderator to write […] Continue Reading ->
Hanna Boëthius has type 1 diabetes Is an LCHF diet really a great option for type 1 diabetes? What do people with a lot of experience say? We were just on the most spectacular trip of the year, the low-carb cruise in the Caribbean. We invited our […] Continue Reading ->
A few months ago the world’s top LCHF experts gathered in lovely Cape Town, South Africa, for a massive four day conference. I was there presenting as well. It truly felt like a historic gathering. Unfortunately not everyone can go to Cape Town, even for an occasion […] Continue Reading ->

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