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What can you do about cravings during your cycle? How can you best lose weight if you have hypothyroidism? What treatment do you recommend to PCOS and endometriosis? And, can keto help with menstrual pain? Get the answers to these questions in this week’s Q&A with fertility […] Continue Reading ->
Virginia was suffering from her many health issues which included severe arthritis, acid reflux, type 2 diabetes and more. She had tried everything to lose weight but always ended up gaining it all back. Last year, her doctor told her to visit the Diet Doctor website and […] Continue Reading ->
“Megan, come into the living room now,” my mother-in-law screamed on New Year’s Day 2018.  She was ecstatic because every morning talk show was predicting intermittent fasting would be the hottest dietary trend of 2018.  They were right. Everyone used to think Dr. Jason Fung and I […] Continue Reading ->
This quick and easy one pot meal is the perfect addition to your Taco Tuesday routine. Great with a Mexican cauliflower rice or low-carb tortillas. Full recipe → The post Cheesy beef burrito skillet appeared first on Diet Doctor. Continue Reading ->
1 views What’s the biggest issue stopping us from enjoying life in older age, and what can you do to increase your odds for healthier aging? And why are some indigenous populations basically free of Western modern diseases? Ivor Cummins recommends that we take personal responsibility and […] Continue Reading ->
Dietary guidelines have long recommended limiting consumption of red meat, although without good outcome data to suggest this will improve our health. Now, interpretations of a new study say white meat is just as concerning. Notice I said “interpretations” of the study. This is not the conclusions […] Continue Reading ->
Can following a low-carb diet reverse type 2 diabetes long term by improving blood sugar control while reducing or eliminating diabetes medication? The recent publication of Virta Health’s two-year clinical trial data answers that question with a resounding “yes”: Frontiers in Endocrinology: Long-term effects of a novel […] Continue Reading ->
Doing as you are told and following instructions may not fit all personalities. The post The past, the present, and the future appeared first on Diet Doctor. Continue Reading ->
Fasting has benefits ranging from weight loss to reduction in medications required for type 2 diabetes, but it does have some short-term side effects. The post Common side effects of fasting appeared first on Diet Doctor. Continue Reading ->

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