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54 views Dr. John Limansky is the Keto Hacking MD and a well-known podcast host. He helps high performance clients use a ketogenic diet to improve their performance, their health and their lives. Plus, he helps them understand how to be an ultimate biohacker. What does biohacking […] Continue Reading ->
The groundbreaking work of US cancer researcher Lewis Cantley, PhD, linking the ketogenic diet to an anti-cancer drug, is receiving prominent coverage in the medical media. Dr. Cantley, who is based at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, is leading a research program in which a powerful […] Continue Reading ->
2 views Two weeks ago, the Low Carb Denver 2019 conference came to an end. Here’s our third posted presentation, after Gary Taubes’ and Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, and this one is with the amazing Dr. Sarah Hallberg. What is the best approach to type 2 diabetes reversal? […] Continue Reading ->
Is the “foul-smelling” vagina on the keto diet true? Can you have post-menopausal bleedings on keto? What diet do you recommend if one has high testosterone levels? And, can keto improve testosterone and libido in men? Get the answers to these questions in this week’s Q&A with […] Continue Reading ->
I recorded another video log this week, discussing and explaining how type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance actually work. —Dr. Jason Fung Also published on Dr. Fung’s top posts 1 Intermittent fasting for beginners  2 Longer fasting regimens – 24 hours or more  3 How to […] Continue Reading ->
When J’s doctor told him he needed blood pressure medications because of his weight, he knew it was time to change. Fortunately, his doctor told him about the low-carb, high-fat diet and told him to go on the Diet Doctor website. This is what happened: I had […] Continue Reading ->
Ketosis has become an extremely popular topic recently, and it has received its share of both praise and criticism. Is it healthy or harmful to be in ketosis? And if it’s beneficial, should everyone be doing it? The post Updated guide: The complete guide to ketosis appeared first […] Continue Reading ->
But what if you want to go further? The epidemic is merciless and it’s hard to sit there twiddling your thumbs when you know that there’s a way of eating that can help with many metabolic disorders. The post Bringing keto to more and more people [for members] […] Continue Reading ->
Are you in the mood for some yummilicious Middle Eastern flavors today? In this easy-to-follow cooking video, we share how to make your very own delish Shish kebab with tender, oven baked veggies. Ready to serve straight from the oven with the classic garlic cream, Toum! Watch […] Continue Reading ->

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