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I’d been struggling with excessive weight gain since Lindsey became pregnant.  At first, we all laughed that it was my baby weight, (which is totally normal for husbands to gain “sympathy weight”) but, I continued to gain weight after Branson was born. Have you ever tried doing everything […] Continue Reading ->
Does it feel like the world would be better without you? Does it feel like you’re a burden on people? Does it feel like everything you touch turns to shit? Does it feel like everything and everybody has turned on you? You are not alone. I know these […] Continue Reading ->
How to make any salad worth eating. I’m going to be completely honest right from the beginning… I don’t like seafood. Which obviously makes no sense since the star of this dish is a beautiful cut of Alaskan Salmon! But I assure you, my wife and daughter were […] Continue Reading ->
I’m sure you’ve all seen a post or two by now, but I switched to decaf… Yes, the man who once sold his own brand of coffee doesn’t even drink caffeine anymore! It seems a little crazy, but trust me, my love for coffee is still the same. […] Continue Reading ->
You’ve probably noticed that in nearly all of my recipes I write “grass-fed” next to whichever animal protein is in it. This is not just because, but rather due to lots and lots of research. For many years I didn’t think that it mattered what “style” of meat […] Continue Reading ->
So you’re sick. It happens to all of us from time to time. Most of us get a cold or two each year. Maybe we get laid up in bed for a couple days, or maybe we have a cold that lingers like a friend who’s overstaying their […] Continue Reading ->
Easy Chicken Thighs (Shredded) Every so often I am stuck deciding what to make for dinner at the last minute with what we have in the house. And by every so often I mean all the time! Though, whatever I make often becomes one of my new favorite […] Continue Reading ->
You Only Need Three Kitchen Tools I love educating people on how they need only simple tools in their kitchen. In fact, you need just three tools to have a successful kitchen for cooking. Yes, JUST THREE TOOLS. What are they? cast iron skillet chef’s knife stove Okay, […] Continue Reading ->
Smokey Bacon Chili Typically chili is associated with the fall season, especially football! Though not only is chili a super versatile dish; it’s also extremely tasty! Most importantly, it’s pretty simple to make and requires minimal effort on your end! So if you ask me, chili is great […] Continue Reading ->

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