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Our Whole30 is nearly coming to an end. My husband’s joint pain is gone (as is his horrible acid reflux), we’ve lost inches everywhere, we’re back to eating nutrient-dense food all the time, and sleeping soundly. Not too shabby for a couple week’s worth of effort. I’d like […] Continue Reading ->
I love love love chile peppers! And there is evidence from a recent study of 500,000 people in China that a chile habit is a healthy habit. This study showed a link between chile consumption and longevity, with study participants who ate chiles 1-2 times per week […] Continue Reading ->
I’ve had low carb zucchini recipes on the brain (and in my stomach) all week here at IBIH, and to wrap up the week I wanted to give some love to other zucchini obsessed bloggers out there! The following are some of the most popular low carb […] Continue Reading ->
Are you up to a spicier breakfast? Here’s something tasty from Primal Palate. This dish is not super low in carbs (the bell pepper, tomato and onion add up) but if you’re not too carb sensitive it should be fine. A popular breakfast throughout the Americas, huevos […] Continue Reading ->
The post Does Portion Size Matter on a Paleo Diet? appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. This is going to blow your mind, but portion size matters, even if you’re eating a Paleo diet. Mind. Blown. However, it’s not usually something you need to think about. For too […] Continue Reading ->
Ep. 158, Sugar On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah discuss all things sugar – the good, the bad, and the balance. This will be a two-part episode, with questions and answers to follow in episode 159! Click the picture above to be taken to iTunes  […] Continue Reading ->
Today we’re rolling out our next video from Chef Richard Bradford, creator of the recipes in The Whole30 and owner of Whole30 Approved Pre-Made Paleo. (Missed our other #AskChefRichard videos/Q&As/recipes? Check them out here!) Today, Chef Richard will be demonstrating roasting techniques for Beets, as outlined on page 167 of The Whole30. And as a bonus, […] Continue Reading ->
Jenni and Ben Hulet, authors of My Paleo Patisserie, started a tradition on Instagram a while back called #sundaynightguacburgers. Every Sunday, they would encourage their IG friends and followers to create an epic, over the top pile of guac and beek (aka a “guacburger”) and share it […] Continue Reading ->
Success with weight loss, eating healthy food or just feeling better is easy when you have everything handled for you. By everything, we mean the meal plan which includes recipes, shopping lists, kitchen tips, pantry staples, side dishes, desserts and resources galore. You will see people offering 1 week, […] Continue Reading ->

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