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Hello friends! Fire up your keyboards, get your smart phones ready, it’s time for three awesome Cyber Monday deals! If you have been off of your computer all weekend and avoiding stores, then you probably didn’t see our Black Friday deal on our spices. NOT TO WORRY! We […] Continue Reading ->
This post is one of my old favorites, and I’m sharing it now because after a weekend of eating lots of treats in Montreal, I need to re-commit to my healthful, happy eating habits. Trouble is, after poutine and wine and French macarons, it can be hard to differentiate […] Continue Reading ->
4.6 out of 5 stars5 star84%4 star5%3 star5%2 star0%1 star5%19 ratings1904:25 Are you addicted to sugar or other high-carb foods? How do you find out? And if you are addicted – what can you do about it? We’ve now posted more parts of our video course with expert […] Continue Reading ->
This is yet another new recipe originating with my newfound love for Otto’s Cassava Flour.  The chemistry of this flour is unlike any grain-free flour substitute I’ve ever used and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Paleo adaptations of my old favorites–even crazy […] Continue Reading ->
Do you need a personalized nutrition plan to lose weight? Do you need you DNA, microbiome and blood sugar responses analyzed and a computer algorithm to tell you what to eat? That’s what some people are believing, after a kind-of-interesting new study: TIME: Why Losing Weight Is […] Continue Reading ->
Do you want a great low-carb dinner? This requires minimal effort and results in maximal taste. With pesto-marinated chops and some mayo you’ll make dinner in a flash! Serve with cauliflower in cheese and a big salad. Difficulty: Medium Cooking time: 20 min. Preparation time: 5 min. Ingredients, […] Continue Reading ->
The post Poor Diet Plus Poor Sleep Leads to Gut Dysbiosis appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. Want to know how to REALLY screw up your gut bacteria? Don’t just go to bed late and get too little sleep. And don’t just eat processed foods that are high […] Continue Reading ->
Ep. 171, Making Paleo a Habit On this episode of The Paleo View, Stacy and Sarah talk about how to create habits and avoid the yo-yo behaviors with a paleo lifestyle. They also answer listener questions on how to eat healthy foods when traveling.  Click the picture above […] Continue Reading ->
The post Black Friday Paleo Sales appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  There are some really great sales going on this Black Friday to Cyber Monday long weekend, and we’ve tried to compile a list of them all below.  If we’ve missed […] Continue Reading ->

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