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I have been a doctor for over 20 years. I can tell I never heard it in medical school, residency or fellowship, and I have never heard a colleague use it. Why is that? Our medical culture is far too focused on prescribing medications to temper our […] Continue Reading ->
In this episode, Stacy and Sarah discuss getting family members on board with your new diet. Click here to listen in iTunes or download and listen by clicking the PodBean Player below If you enjoy the show, please review it in iTunes! The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 318: […] Continue Reading ->
This collection of the 25 best keto sheet pan dinners we could find is the perfect keto dinner solution for your hectic schedule – leaving you with plenty of time for the more important stuff!!     I don’t know about you guys, but with back to […] Continue Reading ->
According to CNN Money, keto is booming. We see it with keto’s popularity on social media. And with it’s dominance with Google searches. This helps spread the word, and ultimately brings better health to many more people, so this is good news. The interest in keto is […] Continue Reading ->
We are often told that yogurt is healthy, filled with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. But what kind of yogurt are we talking about? In a new study, we get full disclosure of what the various types of yogurt in the grocery store actually contain. BBC: Yoghurts (even […] Continue Reading ->
Have you heard of pairing tasks? I believe this was something Gretchin Rubin really discusses as a concept in her book, the Happiness Project. This is the idea that if you pair tasks together you are more likely to do both tasks, especially if you pair the task […] Continue Reading ->
Monk fruit, also known as lo han guo, is a small, sub-tropical melon grown in Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries as a sweetener. It is often referred to as the longevity fruit or the Buddha fruit. Monk fruit is part of the gourd family, […] Continue Reading ->
This week we’re talking about Weight Loss — the myths, the methods, and the massive struggle it represents for the majority of Americans today. Starting with our own frustration with the muddled messages often broadcast on this topic, we strive to set the record straight. From the madness […] Continue Reading ->
The first episode of season 2 with Cooking Keto with Kristie is finally here! In this episode, Kristie invites Dr. Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy to join her in the kitchen making some delicious “Swedish” meatballs. While making the maybe-not-so-Swedish-after-all dish (after some kick feedback from the Swedish video team) […] Continue Reading ->

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