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4.5 out of 5 stars5 stars70%4 stars18%3 stars5%2 stars1%1 star4%70 ratings2,410 views Here’s another case of absolutely stunning type 2 diabetes reversal. Kevin Benjamin’s doctor could hardly believe it. From an insanely high blood sugar with an A1c of 12.7 – despite medication – to completely normal […] Continue Reading ->
Scientists are developing a celiac-friendly type of wheat in response to the rising popularity of gluten-free foods. This might be helpful for some people. But it’s probably even better to stay away from it, given that gluten isn’t the only problem. Food Dive: Celiac-Friendly Wheat May Be […] Continue Reading ->
Does eating extra fat via Fat Bombs and Bulletproof Coffee make you fat? Here’s the short answer. Yes and no. If you are slender, then eating fat will not make you fat. If you are obese or overweight then yes, eating more fat will make you fat. […] Continue Reading ->
In April of 2014, Primal Palate interviewed Meg Doll—a holistic nutritionist and self-love advocate—for a Paleo success story. Meg became our first success story post about someone who tried to gain weight on Paleo. Today, you’ll meet the second. Almost three years after I wrote that original post on Meg, […] Continue Reading ->
Dr. Staffan Lindeberg was a pioneer of the Paleo diet as well as a wonderful colleague and friend. The following tribute was written by his Ph.D. student Pedro Bastos. Dr. Lindeberg would have been 67 today (February 22nd.) Dr. Staffan Lindeberg was a Swedish physician, who, like Prof. […] Continue Reading ->
Here’s what was up last week! Quick Links: Carrot Pumpkin Spice Muffins from The 21-Day Sugar Detox (with video!) There are no sweeteners added to this recipe other than whole fruit!Yes! This recipe can be made 21-Day Sugar Detox-friendly! A twist on my classic Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins, this recipe […] Continue Reading ->
The post Coconut Yogurt Berry Parfait Recipe [Paleo, Keto, AIP] appeared first on Paleo Flourish Magazine. Parfaits are traditionally a cold dessert made from cream, eggs, and fruits. But you can make a dairy-free, Paleo, AIP, and Keto dessert by using a few simple ingredients like coconut yogurt. […] Continue Reading ->
In my last blog post I put forward the Discordance Theory of disease (specifically modern degenerative diseases such as type 2 diabetes, neurodegeneration and cardiovascular disease) and introduced a rough timeline of change that humans have faced over the past 10,000 years. These changes are wide reaching and […] Continue Reading ->
As of today, there are just 50 days until Dave, Smudge, and I get on the plane to Prague! For now, I’m literally touching every object in our house and deciding which pile—take, store, sell, donate—should be its new home. I packed 10 boxes of books—cookbooks, photography books, […] Continue Reading ->

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