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In this photo I washed my hair the day before and styled it using ONLY my fingers – absolutely zero styling products! I have been using volumizing shampoo and conditioner ever since I was a teenager and started to care about my appearance. I have generally preferred […] Continue Reading ->
Hey folks! A common question we receive relates to the use of dairy and ketogenic diets. Dairy is a handy, tasty fat (and protein) source that can add a decent amount of variety to a keto diet…but, dairy is not a great fit for everyone. Some of the […] Continue Reading ->
Love life’s simple pleasures? Then how about butter-fried fish with a fresh, silky yogurt dip? Easy prep but tasty result means this simple keto dinner may become an instant family favorite. Perfect paired with snow peas for added crunch! Full recipe → The post Fried fish with […] Continue Reading ->
It’s one of our most requested features, and we just launched it today. All our 500+ low-carb and keto recipes at Diet Doctor now show grams of net carbs, fiber, protein and fat per serving, plus calories. We don’t recommend counting calories on a low-carb or keto […] Continue Reading ->
Should you really fear protein on a keto diet? Here’s the most controversial and talked-about presentation of the recent Low Carb Breckenridge conference. Dr. Benjamin Bikman challenges the worry about protein on a keto diet, based on the fact that the effects of protein may not be […] Continue Reading ->
This is the third post in our Whole30 Taco recipe series. Maria Barton of Maria Makes shares some of her favorite taco-fied recipes to spice up your week. Does anyone remember that amazing taco salad your aunt used to make when you were growing up? The one that […] Continue Reading ->
Have you thrown out your high-carb sports drinks and gone on a keto diet to improve your long-distance running? This may urge you to do so if you haven’t already. This marathon enthusiast not only improved his best-ever running time while in ketosis, he apparently “crushed it” […] Continue Reading ->
  Hey Folks! We’re back with another Q&A episode (yes, we’re going to be doing these regularly)! If you have a question for a future episode, submit them here 1. (3:00) Low Carb and Low Testosterone Steve says: Hey Robb and Nicki! Any ideas as to […] Continue Reading ->
Topics News and updates from Diane [1:30] Introducing Diane and Liz by Melissa Yee [2:18] The decision to have a podcast [3:30] Advice for the early days [6:34] Polling your audience [12:18] The future for Balanced Bites [15:15] Listener questions [18:36] Schedule social media time [21:00] Favorite thing […] Continue Reading ->

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