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Beautycounter is getting a lot of exposure in the paleosphere these days. I am not immune to that exposure (despite my attempts to veer away from social media). I really thought it was gimmicky and annoying how often people post about it- if I wanted to try it, […] Continue Reading ->
Immune tolerance (sometimes called immunotolerance or immunological tolerance) is a situation in which the immune system “tolerates” an antigen—meaning that it doesn’t mount an immune response against something that’s capable of inducing one. For example, under normal circumstances, our bodies are tolerant of self-antigens so that our immune […] Continue Reading ->
886 views Is it possible to eat low carb in an environmentally sustainable way? How can you do the diet with the environment in mind, and simultaneously not spend a ton of money? And can the real-food movement have a positive impact on our climate? Get the […] Continue Reading ->
Let’s see… there’s a leak under our kitchen sink so for about three days I’ve been washing produce in the shower and dishes in the bathroom sink. Someone yelled at me on Instagram yesterday. I couldn’t sleep last night because the rain was very loud, but it was […] Continue Reading ->
Topics News and updates from Diane [1:48] Balanced Bites podcast Facebook group Robyn Youkilis meal prep workshop Liz settles at the lake Balanced Bites Master Class Emily Schromm’s Body Awareness Project US Wellness Meats Something I’ve been digging lately [12:39] Acne, inflammation, and pork [21:28] Topical acne treatments […] Continue Reading ->
Hey folks!! The interwebz. Source of nearly infinite information and incubator for folks who have difficulty with logic/reason/math and a host of other skills, to exist, sometimes even thrive. Bad information…stuff that let’s folks continue to make mistakes which negatively impact not only their lives but the lives […] Continue Reading ->
Can you lose 100 pounds (45 kg) without giving up pizza? Yes you can – if it’s keto. By sticking to the diet and kickboxing, Elena has done exactly that in only a year. Congratulations! You can read her full story here: Health: This woman followed a […] Continue Reading ->
These fantastic Keto Pork Chops al Pastor are the perfect addition to your summer grilling menu!  Richly flavored marinated pork chops are flame grilled and topped with an “al Pastor” butter that is loaded with fresh herbs, red onion, and a smidge of chopped pineapple for authenticity! […] Continue Reading ->
Whip and dip! Blend together this tasty keto take on hummus and you will find your new to-go dip for veggies. Creamy, with a bright citrus edge, and ready in minutes! Full recipe → The post Keto avocado hummus appeared first on Diet Doctor. Continue Reading ->

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